Friday, July 24, 2015

For Technology Companies Who Think Sales & Marketing Is Less Important Than Technical Ability

You and your buddy from MIT have just invented the world’s first teleportation device. It can transport a banana from Argentina to Boston in five minutes. Transport Adam Sandler to the moon, into the Pixel Movie and back in an hour. Before you start celebrating like it’s the Apollo stop to think what are we going to do with this, what industry or consumer would benefit from this, who is going to buy or pay to use this device?

In some cases many tech founders, or tech focused companies sometimes get overly focused on their technical abilities, their technical superior product and assume everyone in the world would simply use their SaaS / App / Web App because it has tonnes of features than the competition. BlueRay comes to mind. Google glass comes to mind. “The upcoming iteration of Google glass is all business: The tech giant is ditching its fashion aspirations this time around, focusing on a wearable suited for the workplace.” - Fast Company article.

The Google glass came out however it failed to build any sustainable traction. Why? I believe it failed to demonstrate a compelling benefit for wearing glasses that display information. I believe the iWatch is in that boat as well.

To my tech founders and entrepreneurs, never underestimate the power of good sales and marketing discipline. The most successful tech companies are not just showing their back-end coding or technical sophistication. They do a great job technically however allow themselves to understand what all that back-end quality effort means to the ordinary user. Apple, Nike, IBM, Audi, Porsche, BMW, P&G, Oracle, Toyota, SalesForce, etc just focus on the benefit to the consumer or their clients. They answer the question of, “What problem do ee solve & How do we get them to use us as their solution provider?”

They find out who their targets are, segment them and acknowledge that different clients would prefer certain features and benefits over others. And find ways to customize their approach to reach different targets.

They learn to love every discipline of business not just technology. Sure you love coding contest hosted by TechCrunch, TechStar, StartupWeekend, etc however you might be doing your business future potential a disservice if you undervalue the contribution of sales & marketing or hr or finance or customer service.

Stop treating other disciples like 2nd class citizens
because a electric car like Tesla really isn’t that appealing if there are no people to market, sale, design, engineer, recruit, business develop, manage legal, etc working together to succeed.

If you continue to think other discipline like marketing are less valuable, then you are less likely to attract andd keep the best resources.

Some Signs You Are A Marketing Hater  : ):

If you don’t know there’s a difference between strategy and tactic, then you might be a Marketing Hater

If you think strategy is just some fancy word for accomplishing an objective, when it’s all about who, what, where, when, how, etc.  ,  then you might be a Marketing Hater

If you think you can change your logo, color scheme, tagline, brand personality, value proposition, objectives, targets on a weekly basis, then you might be a Marketing Hater.

If you and your team are not clear of the problems you are hoping to solve or never did basic research into demand or pain intensity, then you might be a Marketing Hater

If your current business that has thousands of customers can’t identify the profile of the ideal customer, then you might be a Marketing Hater

If you and your team can’t prioritize your marketing initiatives, then you might be a Marketing Hater

If you fail to acknowledge you have competition both direct and indirect, then you might be a Marketing Hater

If you have no friction-less on-boarding system, then you might be a Marketing Hater

If you don’t have a clue what’s working and not working in marketing, sales, etc, then you might be a Marketing Hater

If you don’t have enough diversity in your customers going wild for your services, then you might be a Marketing Hater,

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