Friday, June 19, 2015

Why Is Your Founder's Sex or Skin Color A F^&$*# Issue

When all you & your founders want is to win & give back

Thank you to investors of silicon valley for saving women, and minority entrepreneurs. Oh thank you for setting aside funds for certain groups of society because now we all can have champagne at the pity party. Not to be negative, just came across an article called

Investors Talk About Challenges for Women, Minorities in Silicon Valley” by Deborah Gage of Wall Street Journal.

“Women and minorities face significant barriers in Silicon Valley when they try to start companies and look for funding, although there are also signs of change, according to entrepreneurs and investors who talked during an event at Intel Corp. on Tuesday [June 9th 2015] “.

I honesty can’t answer why the post title is still an issue in the 21st century. (Also I realized that tittle could be saying something else.)

Everyday of your life, you are constantly reminded of the odds, the favoritism, exploitation, your perceive value, hidden and obvious oppressive systems.

Either God is a genius when he created mankind with different strengths and weaknesses or God is a gigantic asshole watching the power tussle. Clearly I’m not the social issue expert with a solution. I do have suggestions.

I first would commend the efforts of companies like Intel, today both big and small, venture capital, governments for seeing the value of diversity. For striving to make the world a better place through the assessment of a man’s character..

However I wonder if current approaches are really the way to go.  I think the best approach is to make everyone truly believe they have fair access to the opportunities and resources without unjustifiable special treatment or favoritism.or protectionism.  

1)   We as a community take 100% responsibility for the growth and development of all citizens.

2)  All individuals !8+  must attend basic parenting classes & self-reliant classes.

3)   Intervene sooner when young individuals (18 and under) are choosing a destructive life. Help everyone see and rise to their full potential instead of dissuading or stereotyping them

4)   Make effort to eradicate intentional and non-intentional prejudice and bias. Through individual efforts to immerse themselves with different people of different backgrounds regularly no matter how uncomfortable. And just find a common ground.

5)   To investors, just be respectful and fair. Invest in entrepreneur’s business because you believe, and they are the person you’d like to work with. However find ways to encourage others to acquire the expertise and experience to improve their chances of business success.

6)   Individuals also need to take responsibility for their minds, associates, attitudes, actions, finance, health, appearance, communication, faith, values, discipline, etc because these things can greatly have an impact in the quality of life you have.

7)  Just be the best person you can be and be the best you can be with others different from you.

More From WSJ Article

“...have a hard time finding entrepreneurs who look like them who can act as mentors.”

“They also have trouble finding venture capitalists who are willing to look beyond where they have found successful investments in the past, which tend to be in companies started by males who have graduated from–or perhaps dropped out of–a handful of elite universities.”

“Black and Hispanic founders tend to go to different schools than the whites and Asians who are the majority in tech companies.”
“ The minority founders also lack the networks they need in Silicon Valley to get introduced to investors, according to Y Combinator Partner Michael Siebel.”

“Without mentors and social resources to help startups refine their products, entrepreneurs are “already dead before they even start.”

“Getting technical training is an issue for women”

***You really can help make a difference in the world. And you don't have to wait for a larger-than-life hero. I personally thank God for the opportunity to engage diverse people everyday and glad I find commonalities in my relationships. It's just that people with good and bad drives all come in different forms. Just simply concluding one group is this and not that is not the best way to live.

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