Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Get Your Red Crab Ass Off Christmas Island - Part 2

“To be nobody-but-yourself — in a world which is doing its best, [every fucking]night and day, to make you somebody else — means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.”


The American people voted for a different force this 2016. Not sure about everything Mr Trump brings to the table however because he’s not a political insider he’s bound to shake things up. And some establishment are strongly not going to bend over easily. Obama went into the Whilte House hoping to improve it but the establishment entrenched their position. Incumbents in most cases don’t give in to any change easily.

That’s the whole point about getting the fuck off Christmas Island once a while. There are times just being one of the Red Crabs is cool but to win in life like Donald J Trump or Martin Luther King Jr or Ganges Kuhn or Miyamoto Musashi or Amy WInehouse or Pink or Winston Churchill or Jack Nicholson or Fela Kuti or Chelsea Handler or Kobe Bryant or Steve Jobs, etc.

You have to beat to a different drum even if it means life or death. Even if it means some will love you and some will hate you. That’s the nature of striving for stars. That's the nature of getting off Christmas Island.


To my fellow founders, business leaders, and aspiring leaders, - - our world is constantly faced with the same problems that our ancestors faced. Problems in our nations, our cities, in our communities, in our homes. And the truth is some people are wired to be terrified of change. And some are constantly progressive. It really comes down to how do we make sure everyone fulfills their needs and wants without having to be dependent on a persons’ mood or institutional policies?

To live in a one goes to sleep hungry, everyone gets medical attention, love, etc  and blah..blah..blah

Really what we founders should do is disrupt a lot of shit…give it time to entrench itself and disrupt it again. And it takes bravery to directly or indirectly disrupt shit for positive progression.

That’s part of what we strive for with Founders Under 40™ Group thirty thousand plus members to come together for purposes much bigger than one individual.

Technology - Dominance Is The End Game

With more and more people with credit cards continue to spend for the sake of the next shinning thing, we are being taught that happiness is just a click away.  You are bombarded by pretty holiday themed sites and messages. Damned if you don’t follow the crowd and buy shit like the other Red Crabs.  Damned if you choose to be wise with your wallet.

Now every major tech company wants to know your bank account number, credit card number so you can start using their mobile payment systems. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Paypal, Square, Banks are fighting for dominance over your mobile lives.

First they hook you with email, shopping, and apps now they want everything about you and hope some how use it to predict your actions. They want to know everything about you and sell you shit.

Even Amazon as manage to implement the strategy and tactics of Microsoft and Walmart to continue to dominate in people’s lives which ultimately leads to red crab slavery and huge switching cost issues.

It’s not healthy when an entity has too much power over your existence.

Animals - A New Way Needed

The thing about animals not in the top food chain is humanity enslaves them or breeds them for our survival. If you have ever wondered how chicken gets to your dinner table now is the time to find a poultry and slaughtering video.

Sometimes I imagine if a superior creature existed in the world and did that to humans, chances are we would not stand still for it. I’m sure the chicken did not sign up to be locked-up, fed growth hormones, groomed only to be eating.

It’s like being friends with a dolphin you locked up in your bathroom so you can sleep with it.. And when you have a pet dog sterilized isn’t that inhuman. Imagine a group of people decided to go an sterilized millions of people just because they can and turn around and tell that person it’s for their own good.

Humanity needs to sometimes learn to stop maddening in things we have no right to. I think we need to find ways to balance things.

Education & Health Care & Community - Disruption Needed

Quality education should be a right for everyone. The pursuit of higher quality education should be a right not privilege. I also believe achieving greatness is not a right. It is and should be always be meant for those willing to go the extra mile, practice more, learn better, take chances.

I’m sure in the next ten to twenty years many more people would be able to get into medicine with out so much educational cost and training. It will be reduced to nothing but a sort of nurse like role. Because one day medical decision and diagnostic will be made by AI (artificial intelligence) and data analysis and computerize diagnostic procedure. Tiny nano drones sent to any part of the body to gather information or fix problems.

What if for every junk food, e-cigarette, car fuel, alcohol, and other consumer goods sold, a certain amount goes into a Sub-Trust for that individual to use for their community needs or individual needs. For example if parents and their children consume typical household goods and services.

As they pay their taxes a set percentage amount is directly funneled to a Sub-Trust under a Community Trust that assist the greater community or individuals.

I believe the world needs more community member based problem solving using universal values not divisive values and encouraging positive individual aspirations. In this vision, religious values that are not tolerant of difference views would not be welcomed. If all it takes to hate someone is their skin color, then no.  If all it takes to hate someone is their appearance then no.

I also think trying to get the wrong people out of certain careers can really help.  We live in a world where people pursue jobs for only money sake  and end up being mediocre and in some ways encouraging more to do it. When what we should do is to allow people to make a great living being great at what they do best.

We shouldn’t be encouraging mediocre and unpassionate individuals to be our teachers, doctors, nurses, officers, lawyers, engineers, technicians, etc ….we can help people who can rise above average to set the standard.

I think if everyone was a A+ , A or B in their field the world would be happier and more productive.
Even higher education just gets you in the door however it doesn’t keep you there.

The  school systems are great at pumping out a lot of Red Crustacean that follow the rules of game and a tiny few break free and stand out from the millions of Red Crabs

So acknowledging there’s certainly a better way to educate ourselves, get great paying jobs, take care of our health, and nurture a healthy community is a start. I’m sure within the Founders Under 40 Group members are several willing to reshape or change behaviors for a better tomorrow

Individualize Displacement & National Instability - Prevention Needed

Humanity has endless stories of millions being displaced, oppressed, enslaved, killed for failure of not conforming to the majority views or values. The internet has really opened our eyes to the lives of other humans both in good times and bad times. The common theme in all this is that the past seems to keep hunting the present and if I was to speculate, would be hunting the future again.

60 million displaced people from the Syrian crisis. Humanity needs to work harder in preventing suffering. Really the reality of man and his / her family is meeting their survival needs. Everything else is aspiration.

“One solution to the problem may be to simply give [displaced people] their own new country, suggested by Israeli real estate millionaire Jason Buzi, would involve buying underpopulated and underdeveloped land somewhere in the world and then making it a place where [displaced people]can flee to and get their lives started again. “

That’s an idea however we still have to deal with human nature.

Housing & Cities - Community Participation Needed

If you were a billionaire founder, would you build permanent housing for displace people or affordable housing? It’s always nice to help people in need, right? However, we all agree we love helping those who help themselves.

Humanity and other creatures have been dealing with the need for good-safe-decent shelter. Lions would kill another lion for prime real-estate.

Therefore important shit, so why don’t we make it a policy that no one in any major city, sub-urban city should be without a decent housing. I’m sure as a community we can create spaces accommodating for a single person or groups. I’m sure people could retrofit trailer cabs to help someone get a good sleep, stay warm or stay cool, etc.

Plus, it would be very cost effective for cities and communities to do this.In reality stigma is that most people are lazy when in fact is providing a decent life, policies, assistance could help improve the overall safety of the neighborhood.

The cities of the world are always growing. And while these growth exist so will be the growing pain of sustaining jobs, tax revenue, resources, congestion, social services, infrastructure, etc
So this is an opportune time, for Founders, to help manage the cities.

What if we came up with innovative ways to cut the energy expense by eighty percent with out changes to usage,  cut the water expense by eighty percent with out changes to use, create in-building-cooperative-farms, increase the speed a house gets built using 3D printing technology, improve efficiency and affordability of transportation.

According To UN
  • Half of humanity – 3.5 billion people – lives in cities today
  • By 2030, almost 60 per cent of the world’s population will live in urban areas
  • 95 per cent of urban expansion in the next decades will take place in developing world
  • 828 million people live in slums today and the number keeps rising
  • The world’s cities occupy just 3 per cent of the Earth’s land, but account for 60-80 per cent of energy consumption and 75 per cent of carbon emissions
  • Rapid urbanization is exerting pressure on fresh water supplies, sewage, the living environment, and public health
  • But the high density of cities can bring efficiency gains and technological innovation while reducing resource and energy consumption

Politics ----Needs Revolution

The US election is a perfect example of how we still are hanging on to divisive ideas. Us versus them. Status quo or progressive change. It is always easy to say a system is broken when it is not working for you. However seems like it has been reduced to a game of football. Opponent vs opponent. And not collaborative initiatives.

Bernie Sanders is right, and clearly Trump is right, there’s a deep frustration brewing in first world nations. People have bought into the rules of the social and economic game and yet there are not any better off.

The people milking and exploiting the game to enrich themselves because they fucking broke free from Christmas Island. The unique Red Crabs relentlessness and achieving the impossible against all the odds. Mr Trump

[To that end, Sanders (example of someone willing standout from the crowd) argues that the United States ought to:
* Invest in our crumbling infrastructure with a major program to create jobs by rebuilding roads, bridges, water systems, waste water plants, airports, railroads and schools.
* Develop new economic models to support workers in the United States instead of giving tax breaks to corporations which ship jobs to low-wage countries overseas.
* Provide equal pay for women workers who now make 78 percent of what male counterparts make.
* Reform trade policies that have shuttered more than 60,000 factories and cost more than 4.9 million decent-paying manufacturing jobs.
* Make college affordable and provide affordable childcare to restore America’s competitive edge compared to other nations.
* Break up big banks. The six largest banks now have assets equivalent to 61 percent of our gross domestic product, over $9.8 trillion. They underwrite more than half the mortgages in the country and issue more than two-thirds of all credit cards.
* Join the rest of the industrialized world with a Medicare-for-all healthcare system that provides better care at less cost.
* Expand Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and nutrition programs.
* Reform the tax code based on wage earners’ ability to pay and eliminate loopholes that let profitable corporations stash profits overseas and pay no US federal income taxes. ] --- Mr Sanders policy proposals

I personally don’t give a shit about these ideas to assisting people’s social and economic needs. I say individually fight for your own fucking significance. There’s lots of people who get up trapped in comfort and there are those who have something to prove. Some still hoping things stay the same and some forcing change on themselves.

[Tools like the Social Progress Index can help us break down the challenges that the U.S. (and other countries) face to see where the biggest problems lie. America isn’t safe: It ranks 27th on personal safety because of a high homicide level and because too many Americans die on the roads. The education system is failing: The U.S. is just 40th in the world on access to basic knowledge because too many kids are not in school. Environmental quality is poor, ranking 36th, because of high greenhouse gas emissions, poor water quality, and the threat to biodiversity. Most shocking for a country that spends so much on health care, the U.S. is 68th in the world on health and wellness, due not only to the obesity rate but also to suicides and to early deaths from cancer and heart disease. The U.S. is underperforming even on personal rights (26th in the world) because of restrictions on freedom of assembly.] ---Source Unknown

“There may be explanations or excuses for each of these failings, but together they paint a troubling picture. The lives of too many Americans are blighted, compared to the citizens of other wealthy countries. It’s not just about the economy; it’s about how the benefits of economic growth are used.” --- Source Unknown

Food - Closer & Affordable & Nutritious Needed

"According to projections by the United Nations, the population of Earth will be 9.6 billion by 2050, and if we stay on our current trajectory for food production, we won’t have enough food to feed everyone."

[Researchers at MIT are looking to solve this problem through a project called CityFARM. The project is seeking to make urban farms more efficient through data science and monitoring every individual plant with sensors that “listen” to the crops. In the experimental lab at MIT, plants are monitored by 30 sensors, which send information back to a computer every eight seconds regarding how much carbon and nutrients the crops need. Using the sensors, the crops will get everything they need in low quantities, making the process of growing food much more efficient. In fact, it will use 98 percent less water than conventional farms. It will also quadruple the growth speed of vegetables while eliminating the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Finally, the nutrient density of the crops will be doubled, and the flavor can be strengthened or changed. Then, once the ideal “recipe” is ready, the data is loaded onto an open source database, where anyone can download it to grow their own crops by plugging the data into their own farm.

Besides making the process of growing crops more efficient, CityFARM will also eliminate another big problem, which is the shipment of food. Sometimes, food is shipped long distances, a wasteful use of resources that leaves a large carbon footprint. Using the CityFARM technology, every city could have one block dedicated to these farms, and it would feed the entire population. The leader of the project, Caleb Harper, says that the plan is to build one billion of these tiny urban farms in cities around the world.]

Guns - Smart Weapons or Freeze Ray

[”Another possible solution for stopping some gun violence is to use smart gun technology. These smart guns would ensure that only an individual, or a few people, could fire the gun. This type of technology, which was utilized by James Bond in Skyfall, has been around for a few years, and a number of companies have developed different techniques to ensure that only registered people can fire it.

One technology utilizes fingerprints. Another company uses a wristwatch that sends off a frequency to the gun and activates it. Yet another uses hand biometrics, and those are just a few. These guns could significantly cut down the 11,000 deaths caused by stolen guns. That number doesn’t even include police officers who are killed in the line of duty with their own gun.

Smart guns are not sold in the United States, despite studies that have shown that most gun owners support the idea. The reason they aren’t sold is essentially because safety is not a selling point when it comes to guns. Gun owners would rather have immediate access to a reliable gun. Also, strong supporters of the Second Amendment think that this could lead to stronger control over the sale and use of firearms.] ---Unknown Source

The Prison System - Help People Learn & Change

[The bail system has become a major problem among people with low income because they may not be able to afford bail. The problem is so rampant that in January 2015, 730,000 people, most of whom were nonviolent offenders, were imprisoned for the simple fact that they couldn’t afford bail. In places like New Jersey, 40 percent of all incarcerated people are there because they couldn’t afford bail. In Riker’s Island, a maximum security prison, about 85 percent of detainees are simply awaiting trial. This problem is a huge contributing factor to the overcrowding of the US prison system, and it also cost $22 billion per year to house all of the people who are in jail because they couldn’t afford to post bail.] ---Unknown Source

[Besides the pressure on the prison system, locking someone up because they can’t afford bail can be disastrous to the arrestee’s life. While sitting in prison, even without being convicted, they will also probably lose their job. With the loss of a family member, some inmates’ families may have to rely more on social benefits, putting even more strain on the system. Finally, people will often plead guilty even if they are innocent because if they plead not guilty and wait to go to trial, they’ll have to sit in prison for months. ] ---Unknown Source

[One possible solution is simply to eliminate the bail system for people who can’t afford it. This will decrease the amount of people in prison, and it keeps innocent and nonviolent offenders out of prison altogether. (There’s even a precedent for not charging bail in the US, as Washington, DC, has pretty much eliminated bail for those who can’t afford it.) In lieu of bail, pretrial service specialists would decide if someone is a flight risk, could be a danger to the public, or both. If they’re not, they’d be sent home, possibly being given an ankle monitor or having to do drug tests. When the court date is coming up, pretrial services would call the person to remind them to show up at their court date. These systems are cheaper, easier, and much more humane than imprisoning people who haven’t been convicted of crimes solely because they’re poor. ] ---Unknown Source

Wealth - Rich or Elite Keep Their Distance

[Research published last month in the journal Psychological Science revealed that people who see themselves as being in a higher social class don’t pay as much attention to passersby as those with lower bank balances do. Based on results from three studies testing participants’ awareness of others, researchers believe wealthier persons tend to overlook other people due to ”spontaneous processes related to perception and attention” that seem to be shaped by one’s privileges in life (or lack thereof. ] ---Unknown Source

With the growing gap of rich and middle class expected to increase in north America and possibly in other parts of the world, need for a resolution to prevent poverty must be in-place to help maintain social stability. It is important that people start realizing that if you don’t want to be in an extreme circumstance that finding ways to break free from the red crab tribe is crucial.

Social--Women, Men and Sex and Belonging

So  transgendered individuals can pick their gender pronoun but what do you do if someone clearly appears to be a woman (long hair, makeup, breast, summer dress, womanly curves, femine voice, etc) asking to be called he? I would think gender identity is based on what dominating gender role someone conveys. 
There was a time when the only place to see none-porn stars half naked was at the beach, your neighbors pool party. Today we are flooded with selfies of women taking pictures of their ass, their chest, their business, them teasing the camera and consciously saying, “I KNOW YOU WANT THIS”…not sure men are following in this selfie trend but the questions is why the comfort and increase? Social pressure? To boost self-confidence?

 It’s a great way to break out from competing girl peers, escaping conforming,. Maybe if your sexed up appearance made the guys crazy you will feel more confident or find a man?

I’m constantly surrounded by yoga pants 24/7…women dropping sexual teases…Don’t they know we straight men are thinking of sex all day. Most of us retrain ourselves from the temptation but maybe some places don't need yoga pants.

At the end of the day, we all want to fuck our brains out, pleasure ourselves till it hurts but the fact remains everyone at Christmas Island wants to find love.

So when that guy looks at your tight yoga-pant-ass at the gym…it will not be his fault for trying to get you in bed with your consent.

Race & Religion - Fuck It & Burn It

Race and religion is our greatest asset as humans as well as our kyrptonight Sometimes it makes my fucking blood boil because it enslaves us and divides.

It has been an interesting year [2016] for racial volatility in USA and parts of the world like Syria because we still haven’t shaken the stupidity. How can you not value another human beings life?

I bet you in the next few years skin color, religion, will be last thing we would fight about. It will be whether the person next to you has being genetically designed and cooked up to be superior.  Simply, if you've ever need to gain lasting peace, we all need to figure out how everyone can get what they want without the cost or exploitation of others.

[The Pope stressed that Jesus turns the values of our world upside-down, showing that the search for power is an obstacle to becoming a servant of the Lord
A second obstacle, he continued, is dishonesty which can also be found in the life of the
Church. Jesus told us that we cannot serve two masters – God and money, the Pope
warned, so we have to choose to serve one or the other. Dishonesty, he continued, is not
just being a sinner, since we are all sinners and can repent of those sins.
These obstacles of dishonesty and the pursuit of power, the Pope said, take away our
peace of mind and leave us anxious, with an ‘itch’ in our hearts. In this way, he said, we
live in constant tension, concerned only about appearances and the worldly desires of
fame and fortune. We cannot serve the Lord like this, he insisted, so we ask to be freed
from these obstacles in order that we may find serenity of body and mind.] ---Unknown Source

To the Pope I say that's nice. However the reality of the game of life calls for survival skills. If we were  living in utopia sure. Everyone is meant for a purpose either a contructive force or destructive force. In a few years, religion will die but people will continue to have their faith. Science and technology will eliminate most man's sufferings. We will have no need for priests / heads of religion institutions because their ancient book of wisdom can not explain everything in the world.

Celebrity and Entertainment --- The New Black Gold

The Kylie Jenner of the world will indirectly teach you that working hard , studying, excelling at a significant career path is the way to success...when in fact certain occupations do not require post secondary education. Simply collecting data, email addresses, twitter followers can turn anyone into a bread winning entity.

It’s like Kylie . She’s not a business woman…she is the business.

It can be very lucrative to make your living from fame. Companies would pay you to share a picture of you using their products. You could come up with a product or service or you are the product.

You can’t just be following the crowd and think you will be a celebrity. The reality of celebrity status is that it can be lonely even when you have millions of fans.

At the end of the day, Red Crabs who break free take control of their life and responsibility for their destination. Red Crabs who break free learn from the 1% and never remain a sheep to a lion.

The Late Late Show with James  Cordon is fucking awesome. An outsider breaking through the noise of late night talk show. James has manage to find his own unique take. Hey James here’s a caption. “You got your Red Crab fat ass off Christmas island.”

READ  Your Red Crab Ass Off Christmas Island - Part 3

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