Friday, November 24, 2017

19 Ways Founders Can Spot Users via LINKEDIN or Anywhere - Sponsor BJ Mannyst

A user is define as a person that uses someone selfishly or unethically. My experience on LinkedIn and every social media for while has sort of become more and more about people chasing trophies. What I mean is people think relationship and connection at an event, LinkedIn or other is just get the milk and kill the cow. It’s basically get what you can get from them whether: a job, money, sale, advice, introduction, status, sex, popularity, coolness, etc and disregard any mutual benefit. I’m sure many of you receive endless invitation to connect and endless cold emails on LinkedIn. If you are doing it with an unhealthy shot-term thinking, you will regret it professionally and financially because no one like’s being used.

So due to the numerous amount of people I meet everyday, which is bound to increase with time, I wanted to help other founders spot shortsighted-selfish-contacts from those willing to invest time and effort for the long-term picture.

These tips can apply to people you know very well, just met, or never met. It can apply on LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, dates, relationships, family, friends, employees, investors, clients, spammers, fraudsters, etc  The key is Just be very aware what you do, say, both online & offline. And realize that a few contacts are only after what they can get from you or what you can do for them. Below are some great tips. Enjoy!


19 ways founders can spot users via linkedin or anywhere from Manny of BJ MANNYST



The above images are samples of the unbelievable and interesting insight you'd gain about spotting and handling people trying to use you. You can checkout the whole document via LinkedIn SlideShare and download it for free if you want.


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