Thursday, January 11, 2018

WhyThis Year Founders Should Burn The World Without Burning The House

OMG, 2017 was fucking crazy! It’s a whole new year,YES!, for the entire world. A new year likely faced with similar social economic challenges in areas such as: urban planning, transportation, housing, population, prosperity, water, weather, food, leisure, culture, environment, institution, skills, knowledge,infrastructure, safety,etc.

This year we show Founders Under 40™ Group members and the general public our detail vision for a Founders world we envision. But first this content is to inspire you gutsy individuals / founders that really want to burn the world without burning the house down.

It’s a message to founders to stop playing the stupid games that are not helping anyone accept the very very few at the top who some cases have lost touch with their fellow man. “#Timesup “ is nice pursuit but why don’t we break it for good and replace it.

It’s not half way into January 2018, and the world is angered by the sexual violence and murder of a little girl in Pakistan. People are joining radical and harm intended organizations because they are not shown better ways to be self-reliant, and play important roles in their communities. Or possibly being mentally imprisoned by highly religious mumbo-jumbo and wrong authorities.

Human rights violations are occurring in Iran because “since ongoing anti-government protests erupted almost two weeks ago.Uncertainty surrounds the status of more than 3,000 who have been detained since protests broke out on Dec. 28 and quickly spread to more than 130 locations across the country.”--(Source: Unknown)

The tax cuts that’s expected to help the US economy through trickle down effect to ordinary people and global markets will just make rich people richer. “Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway could be one of the biggest beneficiaries of tax reform in the insurance sector, according to Barclays.
The company's book value could increase by about $37 billion, said Jay G, an insurance analyst at Barclays, in a note on Monday [Jan 08, 2018]. That's $10 billion more than what he estimated in a November note before the tax plan was finalized and signed. Gelb estimated this because Berkshire would have a lower deferred tax liability, which represents what the company would owe the federal government if it sold its equity portfolio and took profits. ” ---(Source: Unknown)

I’m not sure where it says in religious text, “the powerful and privilege shall decide the fate of other humans”. There’s just something fucking wrong with that aspect of humanity. I’m for be-all-you-can-be but why exploit others so unfairly to get your shit.

If this is not a great time for Founders Under 40™ Group members, founders and entrepreneurs to stand for equality, human rights, freedom, fairness, compassion, inclusiveness, tolerance, etc , then the human race is screwed. . 

I say, Founders and individuals should burn everything without burning the house. Which means if something is not being fair on the basis of human-rights then find a way to: speak up, engage the public, protest, engage trustworthy institutions,start an initiative, invent a technology, start a movement, create the world, build a business to address it, etc. 

The fact remains that the gaps and disruptions are going to get bigger. There’s craziness around you and your business. And the future of everyone shouldn’t be in the hands of the Mark Zukerbergs of the world but in every individuals and founders hands. Now is the time to embrace women founders, disable founders, Muslim founders, Christian founders, Hispanic founders, White founders, Black founders, LGBTA founders, non-academic founders, and any diverse founders and get bolder without losing your marbles. 

TAKE AWAY: Start a discussion with other founders, community leaders, Founders Under 40™ Group today about how to help address the social-economic issues locally/ globally. .

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