Thursday, November 15, 2018

Are VCs Really Looking For Founders With Emotional Intelligence? - - -sponsored by GreatestFounders™

I'm curious to know from the founders and venture capitalist if they sit in meetings wondering if this founders team's  E.i. is off the charts, . . .we better not let this bastard get away?

Logic tells me it might just be one other way to evaluate a founder. But how would they even do this evaluation anyway?

Based on what I've read  it seems observation might be the only way to find out. I guess it would consist of the following.

Being able to seek advice or be coached. Any founder willing to consult with others and make good decision is an effective leader and can scale his / her business faster. They are not afraid to ask for help, listen well, empower others.Just simply looking at the way they engage friends, family, team mates, suppliers, partners etc. for advice

Being able to inspire and encourage. It’s really hard to keep people working long brutal hours if a founder doesn’t know how to raise peoples spirits and accomplishment. A founder has to be giving praises when things are great and when not so great. Be able to reengage with team members on ways to  figure out how to resolve problems.

They communicate well,work well with diverse disciplines and backgrounds, are not afraid to resolve disagreements or issues. They know how to appear and keep calm when all hell breaks through.

If they are asked tough and uncomfortable questions they can handle it. Business is not a game for the very nice and very gentle soul. There are people who use intimidation, insults,bullshit, poke, push, ulterior motives to get under your skin so they can exploit or take advantage of you. It’s important a founder knows how to handle tough situations. I guess with some  VCs they like to see what a founder is made of. Founders have to love being outside their comfort zones,

Having sustainable and healthy passion with willingness to be flexible. A lot of VC look for passion and some don’t weigh passion. Founders need to be able to focuse through the tough and happy times just Jeff Bezos of Amazon did during the dotcom burst. However not  be too in love with their ideas.

 If you are founders willing to be flexible with original ideas you can outlast other founders who fail to pivot or ride upcoming waves. So they have to be not blind to trends or feedback. But you need sometimes to combine conviction, passion, determination in the face of opposition or disagreement.

Your ability to attract and keep the best or the good enough. The thing about building a company is if you are lucky to start with the best-cohesive-harmonious team good for you but sometimes we all have to start with good enough talent before one get to attract the great talent. Plus your team and yourself have to manage to accomplish some great milestones like getting paying customers.

You will look good building momentum. VC still will assess your team for  discussions, argument, resolution, decision,  …comprehensive and complementary skills

[Founders who have the skill set of acknowledging and recognizing and decipher emotions is an asset. Founders aware of their emotional strength and weaknesses. They know how to shape their emotions whenever needed. Ability to manage emotions so that one doesn’t act before thinking]

You are founder that understand that everything outside of your control is left to the universe and everything that’s in your control is your  responsibility. Manage your thoughts and watch out for who gets in your thoughts. 

You are okay with not being liked and / or others disagreeing with you.

Are able to empathize, hold off making judgments and labeling.  The ability to apologize and seek forgiveness when needed.

When you make a commitment people can tell you will own up to it.

A founder that’s giving back to others in a positive ways. A founder who is not threatened by different people of different background.

***Not sure VCs would test for this in some questionnaire approach so any VC  & Founder willing to share opinion and insights would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

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