Thursday, November 8, 2018

You Are An Efficient Founder When You Find The People That Allow You To Do These Three Things - - -sponsored by GreatestFounders™

Almost every founder is going to go through terrifying moments when they have to let their baby operate fully without their presence. The fact is there are steps to take to ease the transaction.

Founders want to know they can travel the world and leave the operation to capable and trustworthy people. After all, most founders have made some serious sacrifices just to get to a point of putting normal hours instead of extreme hours like Elon Musk. Wait a minute,. . . I believe Elon has five boys and still puts in sixty hours work week.

The point here is to build a business that can run great with or without you.


There’s is no way in hell you can do everything. And you can’t be great in everything. And it’s not sustainable. If you are a technical founder you can’t necessarily handle all business operation matters.

  • First you probably want to recruit some help. Either by hiring great people or working with some outside help. And learning the low risk way to fire someone if it’s not working.

  • Secondly, you need to make the effort to sell your vision with your internal and external team so you hook them to commit or hook key personels like your assistant, manager, etc. Plus, the sooner you disconnect from people are not buying into the vision or not helping improve the vision the better you’ll be.

  • Third, you’ve got to delegate to people with the right skill sets and the strong belief in the business. Imagine if the first 100 employees of Amazon didn’t believe it could be a significant company? Based on what I’ve read and observed, I think it’s best to hire people who would do the job for nothing if the business was in financial crises because they believe in the leadership and the purpose. And plus that everything will work out.

  • Fouth, you’ve got to be showing people the standards, expectation, love, support, mutual interest, higher purpose, rally like Wal-Marts founder Sam,  Be amazing and chances are you’ll attract amazing people.


When you hire great employees or hire great partners you need to allow them to fail, grow, getup, and learn. It’s the only way for them to acquire the confidence to operate the business and some cases figure out to see the business from an entrepreneur eyes.

The fact is when you hire people sometimes all they want is a stable-decent pay cheque however only a tiny few will work their ass to become your operational leaders. It does help to give great people at all levels equity.


This is the point you as a founder of a revenue generating successfully business want to be in. To be at a stage where you can see from inside and outside the strengths, weaknesses, threats, opportunities, competition, substitute competition, economy, cultural, politics, legal, weather, etc and start to aid your great team to address it.

After all, Jeff Bezos is not sitting in his office wondering maybe he should go help the fulfillment staff pack and ship goods. It did that in the early Amazon days. . .I would be surprised if he occasionally did that

Clearly what I’m saying you want to work hard to build your business so you can share the load of building a great-purpose-driven company.

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