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20 Ways To Eliminate Your Service Business Marketing Inefficiencies - Sponsored By BJ Mannyst

Using Intent Analysis, Quality Traffic, Quality Work-flow, Quality Leads, Quality Delivery

Your service business deserves efficiency in business operations and marketing, I welcome the opportunity to hear your sales & marketing challenges or inefficiencies [mannyo_linkedin(at)foundersunder40.com]. Specifically, I welcome tech b2b/b2c service businesses who want someone to take a look at their service business and bounce ideas. Thanks

Marketing inefficiencies is like sex with a pillow when two beautiful consensual women are ready to rock-your-world. Marketing inefficiency is doing Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Google ads and thinking that’s all the marketing you need. Marketing inefficiencies is following the crowd instead of figuring out what works best for your organization and customers.

Let me share a brief story about a small and growing commercial service organization, doing $5 Million of revenue a year for the past decade, that simply failed to adapt their marketing. 

In the past, most of their business leads came from trade-shows, cold-calling, b2b door-to-door, the occasional flyer on cars tactics, etc. They’ve always seem to do random bunch of things and gotten leads as if it were a miracle. Today, that is not the case, due to the growing competition, review sites, lack-of-differentiation, technology, social change, and lack of modern expertise they are no longer operating.
They have neglected to evolve their processes because they got complacent. They thought things would never change therefore they could keep doing the same things. The take away is that social & economic change is always happening on a micro-macro level and it is important to keep evolving or you will slowly go extinct.

I bet you do know of a business today that does email marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing, event marketing, etc to get to quality-ready-to-buy leads or in some cases stay engage with their customers?
I believe there’s a high chance you said yes!

Do you know that most businesses still struggle with marketing even if they constantly measure, monitor, and adjust?

Do you also know that not many have automated their marketing effort, or adopted agile marketing, machine learning, analytic, data-driven marketing, predictive marketing?

One thing I want to tell you, apart from the subject matter, is that there are many technology tools like machine learning, AI, image recognition, personalization, that will offer, in my opinion, short-term efficient benefit to the early-mid adopters.

The root cause of marketing inefficiencies sometimes is not tools like social media or email, it is likely failure to address fundamentals.So let’s attack marketing inefficiencies however be prepared to handle new inefficiencies.

There are fundamental reasons so many service-based businesses try traditional and digital marketing only to experience little to no success, and state marketing or advertising “is a waste.”  What some of you and businesses don’t realize is that not only does ROI takes the right: time,money, and effort. It also takes getting the whole marketing mix, marketing strategy, workflow, messages, IT systems, target, lead generation processes, traffic, problem, etc right

(Some content sample...full eBook content below in PDF. Enjoy!)

If you don’t add the correct ingredients and the correct amount, your cake will come out messed up.

Your services business deserves efficiency in business operations and marketing, I welcome the opportunity learn about your service business marketing challenges and to be of help. Please share your challenges (info[at]foundersunder40.com).

NOTE: These suggestions are offered on the assumption that you all are already familiar with marketing. Also that parts of these suggestions may not apply or work for your service business.
These are the list of problems and inefficiencies?

Traffic Problem
  • Not enough traffic
  • Too much traffic
  • People are not sticking around to engage / buy
  • You spend so some much effort and the conversion is terrible

Content Problem
  • Too much content
  • Creating the wrong content
  • Content is lacking.

Lacking Knowledge
  • Lack of understanding of prospects / clients intent
  • Don't know what they want
  • Decision makers are quite hesitant to invest in systems or tools which are designed to eliminate these inefficiencies for reasons such as doubt

  • Poor processes
  • Analysis takes too much time and effort
  • Inefficient business practices is expensive, stressful and wasteful
  • Stuck in the same rut continuously
  • Using the wrong strategy.
  • Landing page sucks.
  • Follow-through isn’t good enough.
  • Activity is over production or not prioritized
  • Processes are over complicated
  • Bad trial, error, and refining management
  • Rising cost of lead acquisition
  • Visual challenged
  • Promotional challenges
  • Nurturing challenges
  • Closing challenges
  • Waiting due to poor communication
  • Excessive communication
  • Social media ROI sucks
  • Expecting ROI right away
  • Not knowing how your current clients got to you
  • Spending big on a one time campaign
  • Trying too much too soon

eBook Full Version

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