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Great Workflows To Help Eliminate B2B B2C Service Business Inefficiencies - Sponsored By BJ Mannyst

Your service business deserves* efficiency in business operations and marketing, I welcome the opportunity to hear your sales & marketing challenges or inefficiencies [mannyo_linkedin(at)]*.* Specifically, I welcome tech b2b/b2c service businesses who want someone to take a look at their service business and bounce ideas. Thanks
B2B or B2C or B2G service business is demanding. It’s more demanding and stressful when you don’t have all the resources you need to do a great job all the time. 

“**Service consist of enormous pressure, deadlines, budget, focus, people, skills, expectations, complaints, safety, risk, legal, quality and sustainability. Probably, a lot much more** bunch of s#%^ .**”**
With all that said, service comes down to efficient management, specifically process-work flow management. Today you and I, will take on process-work-flow inefficiencies and hopefully improve your service business.
For further help. reach out to myself and see what ways I could add more value.


Every business struggles with inefficiencies and workflow inefficiencies. And the painful part is that the perfect workflow will not necessarily guarantee success. It could help.
It’s like having to drink water from a giant bowl without using a cup, your hands and simply use your tongue. Yeah, that recommended eight cups a day is going to take forever.
Inefficiencies is like preparing for your business pitch for a one million dollar seed by waiting the day before. Add to that, then realizing on the day you pitched a VC that couldn’t give a monkey’s ass about your mining gold on Mars ideas.
“**Improving workflow efficiencies will help your team complete more work in less time and standardize how the work is performed, hopefully.** "
Make sure to read ebook, “20 Ways To Eliminate Your B2B B2C Service Business Marketing Inefficiencies”, we covered an overview now we focused it.


Some people say workflow and processes are the same and some argue they are two different things. It is sort of like sales process & sales methodology. I think process is more general explanation of what needs to be done. Workflow is more specific on how the job will get done. In conversation the two could be used loosely.

Process: The process map describes the who, what, where, when and how a project moves along each point within the company, with clearly defined roles, responsibilities, time-lines and accountabilities.
Workflow: The workflow for the project demonstrates how the work “flows” or moves through the project, through different departemetns, or through everything.

Basic Consideration Before & After Creation of Workflows

*If anyone or a reader has complied a tone of business best practice workflows, please give me a shout.* (Also read and pickup the eBook version below)

(Sample Content. The full eBook is below. Enjoy!)

Put someone who can be leader on this assignment

Assign a team of diverse people with diverse functions if it could be way too much for one.

Have the necessary software and document management available to staff or consider BPM (Business Process Management) / Workflow automation software

Collect all current workflow documents and check for last time it was updated.

Some examples of workflows every business needs to have. Hiring and Firing workflow, 

Employee Promotion workflow, Complaint Customer Service workflow, payments, billing, emergency, etc You get the idea.

Agree on where team leaders, supervisors, departments, contractors, senior managers can access workflow maps. Agree where backups will be kept.

Take the time to observe and see if you can spot the flaws or best practices in current workflows. 

Make your recommendation known to senior managers and all stakeholders

If you want, you could try it out on a very small focus group and see if it is better.

It is also important to do things that will benefit the customers not negatively impact the customer. 

Do things that would not jeopardize your employees, managers, or operation.

Make sure managers and employees are not mentally or in rare case physically leaving your organization for good with your processes.

It seems simple, however there could be more steps and complexity that this eBook could not possibly cover entirely. 

These are just the quick and basic for now. Keep reading.

eBook Full Version

P.S. If you like this ebook, you will really like - "How to Make Sure Your Ecommerce Succeeds"

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