Monday, October 19, 2020

How & Why Your B2B Company Should Sponsor Content To Educate, Influence, Inspire, Gain Leads, Survive, & Thrive Post Covid-19

How & Why Your B2B Company Should Sponsor Content To Educate, Influence, Inspire, Gain Leads, Survive, & Thrive Post Covid-19

“I broke up with my girlfriend after she contracted the common flu I’ve decided to wash my hands of her.” - Bad Joke Source Unknown

Surely that joke may have made you smile a little or just infuriate you more because of the times we’re living in. Whatever the case, we’re all living in an unprecedented time and it’s impacting us all in many different forms.

Sometimes you just want to scream “What the fuck God” but you come to realize that you have at least two choices. Choice one, do nothing while you drown in your pity party. Choice two, get up and figure it out.

Your industry, workers, family, friends, country, pets, and so on may be terrified and could be made more vulnerable. You still at this moment have the power to care, support, assist, motivate, drive your organization to pull through. The sun will come out tomorrow.

One way to do that is to leverage your connections and influencers. Sponsor more content that can help you Educate your target. Gain Leads, Gain Trust, Survive, & Thrive.

You, Founders & Leaders, have a chance to make a lasting positive difference on many lives in and out of your community during & post covid19. - “Manny”

NOTE: Make sure what you are selling or offering is not preying on people or businesses. Make sure you are creating a win-win relationship. Make sure you are really connecting to people not just chasing transactions. Don’t be a fucking flack when it comes to embracing diversity, social justice, investing in diverse community, universal values.


What many B2B have failed to realized in this crisis is that sales effectiveness is likely to come from people (friends, family, colleagues, experts) that have credibility with the target.

Some B2B have said Sponsoring Content is the:

Best value

Provides higher engagement 

Reaches target market 

Provides target reliable source of information 



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