Wednesday, March 3, 2021

How To Just Collaborate, Connect, Support, Retain on LinkedIn - Sponsored

The world of business and society is changing. It’s changing as well as introducing new complexity. Which means everyone needs to find ways to stay on top of their development. And a few of the ways is to Collaborate, Connect, Support, Retain on LinkedIn.

The fact is effort to keep things simple is sometimes met with new problems which occasionally increase complexity. Lead generation was much straight forward now it’s all about incorporating A.I and Automation.  
Relationships was simply a phone call, the occasional email. Now it’s the every day concern of privacy, phishing, spoofing, bad-hat hackers, virus, ransomware and irrelevancy, or tech abusers. The tech abuser who has no interest in learning how to use a tool well…he/she/they just blast away or post endlessly or message endlessly or harass 24/7 until something gives a ROI. 
Trying to fix a modern car, a modern home, a smartphone, playing capitalism, etc is another occasional headache. 

People, there is a shift socially and economically. And individuals and organizations need to improve their desire and ability to collaborate, connect, support, retain whether on LinkedIn or offline.
This content and eBook: “How To Just Collaborate, Connect, Support, Retain on LinkedIn”  is meant to assist anyone wanting to improve socially and economically. We welcome your feedback, collaboration, connection, because together we can accomplish great things for everyone.



I and the BJ Mannyst Team and Founders Under 40™ Group Team + GreatestFounders™  want to thank you Freelancers, Founders, Entrepreneurs,Venture Capitalist, Angels, CEO, CMO, CIO, CTO, Sponsors, etc
Thank you to all 30, 000+ founders and members that have stayed loyal to us for the past several years. Thank You, Please Collaborate, & Support Each Other More This New Year!
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