Saturday, November 21, 2009

Before you Miss the Holiday Sales Get a Sales and Marketing Check Up

According to Brent Houlden, National Retail Specialist at consulting firm Deloitte in Toronto, “We’re calling it a fragile Christmas. It’s okay, but it could easily get broken.” Early indications are suggesting consumers planning to spend cautiously this season. What does a business owner do? Sales and marketing implementor and advisor, Emmanuel Omikunle.says, “First, don’t panic. Second, take out the garbage. Third, you might just need a few suggestions and help executing.” Below are some suggestions and if you’re interested, Emmanuel is offering a sales & marketing and business Q&A discussion in Toronto, where anyone can pick up some ideas to help them thrive this upcoming holiday, or come out and network and share ideas to help others. Space will be limited so signup by contacting Emmanuel or use contact info below to request further detail.

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Before you Miss the Holiday Sales Get a Sales and Marketing Check Up



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