Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Everyone is Offering Free This, Free That. Join Them?

McDonalds free coffee. Toronto Star free Newspaper. Free Consultation. McDonalds can afford it the Star can’t. Tim shouldn’t play McDonalds game. Give something to the potential prospect that shows that you are interested in their business and that you are the right partner for them. Whatever you offer for free better not cost you a fortune, ST or LT. Give 5% - 50% of your profit. If your profit per dinner-for-one is $2, give a personalized chocolate chip cookie for free or other. Offering free dinners is only going to hurt your bottom line and attract the wrong crowd, unless you’re running a charity or you’d recoup your cost some how.

I know that everyone is offering free this or free that so I advice you to seek stronger factors to differentiate your offering. Customized Shaped Pizza with a special source. It could be intangible as well.

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