Saturday, June 11, 2011

Startups & Sales Issues: Having Likeable Employees Can Significantly Boost Sales

I was recently in a local BestBuy in downtown Toronto wondering the departments. BestBuy is North America’s largest electronic goods retailer. When I say wondering, I mean conducting my little hush-hush market research tactic, (don’t tell anyone). I often observe consumers, employees, product placement, customer service, cash registers, and price. As a sales and marketing oriented individual, I take great pleasure in staying up-to-date by gathering intelligence from the ground level and with extra effort I can obtain backroom details as well which I keep to myself.

To my point regarding the importance of having likeable employees is something service business HR managers need to add to their pre-requisite attribute. In today’s educated-consumer-age having employees that a customer can connect with on an intimate personal level can get consumers to open their wallets easier. I stepped into the store and a male employee acknowledges me, by the entrance, and for some reason seemed genuine because he took the time to personalize it by gently-jokingly making fun of my fashion style. I had a question about a laptop, internet device promotion which also came with a gift card. The specialist, we’ll call her April, took the time to understand my needs, and provided the details needed for me to make a decision. Because she was friendly, polite, fun, down-to-earth I had a great memorable time with her. It doesn’t hurt to encourage your customers to feel free to engage with everyone in your organization.

It may not have gotten me to buy something that moment but it will remind me to go back when I’m ready or unless BestBuy made me an offer I can not refuse.

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