Monday, May 30, 2011

Never Keep Scores When Giving

Everyone likes to receive. Only few give. Sad but true. Not sure if Oprah Winfrey ever tested her audiences but if she did it would be like this, “Everyone could take home a brand new iPad or give 8 hrs of their time to volunteer today!” Chances are most will pick the iPad.

In any relationship, whether it is in business or personal, there’s always someone constantly reaching out, giving advice, buying lunch, doing favors or going the extra mile with no hint of any expectations. That’s how it should be but I add that if the other person doesn’t appreciate it, doesn’t give to others or takes you for granted then you should evaluate the relationship.

Don’t stop ever and wait to receive that’s disaster waiting to happen. In business you might hear the saying. “What have you done for me lately?”
In my opinion there are extremely selfish people and you should watch what you give because if you suddenly find yourself in need, they will be first to distance themselves from you because you no longer serve their need. You’ve got to just plant your seeds for growth by giving and nurturing reasonably without expecting it will spawn fruits.

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