Friday, July 29, 2011

I Declare September “Know Your Neighbors Month”

There’s a lot of anger, frustration and pain in America, Norway and most parts of the world. It’s likely the same anger that’s in me as well and has ignited this letter. Hate to be negative but I fear there’s more to come. This is my personal way to draw attention to the way we treat each other and hope we do something about it soon. How does this relate to my usual blogs? Well in some ways it’s essential to sales, marketing or business. This is not a liberal or conservative ideology outburst but a possible discussion as to how we treat each other and hopefully encourage people to reach out to their diverse neighbors.

There are those who will be pushed to the limit due to life and perhaps due to mistreatment acts of others. And most likely has accumulated to a point of no return. I think society and government have an opportunity to encourage individuals to truly get to know their neighbors. I’m not sure what I would have to do to make September “Know Your Neighbors Month” but I’m willing to try.

It’s unfortunate what happened in Norway, and East Africa. What’s sad is that a Somali mother lives in a world where she has to abandon her children because there are too weak to make it to a refugee camp due to famine.

And there are does in moderate conundrum who then turn around to exploit whomever is not in such a privilege position, all for nothing but a new iPad, cottage, sports cars, or power. Or the never ending stories of: Chinese workers who committed suicide because they were overworked and stressed, victims of financial schemes, the kid who sold his kidney for an iPhone or stories of new born girls mutilate because they are girls.

So tell your friends to help make September “Know Your Neighbors Month” and place the Know Your Neighbor logo on your blog, facebook page, linkedin, twitter.

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