Saturday, July 30, 2011

What I think of Rupert Murdoch

Is this man an immoral-s.o.b? Is this man a mad man? I say he’s a man using his God giving talent. He was not born perfect. He likely has an average IQ. Fortune has favored him because of his bravery through good and bad tactics. Who am I to judge? This might be my rant due to my current emotional dismay or due to news of another unfortunate disaster in a third world country. Either way - Do I dislike Mr. Murdoch? No. Do I admire Mr. Murdoch? Yes.

Why would I admire a man whose sense of news is sensationalism because this is a man many entrepreneurs, to some extent, look up to. A tough childhood, poor school-grades, disrespected, underdog, near bankruptcy, tenacity, hardworking, and who persevered. How can you not admire a person who fought for what he wanted in life? He found a need in the market and filled it. An individual who once disliked Americans’ wild capitalism, racism, politics around the age of 16, Mr. Murdoch is now clearly the opposite of his youth. Who after graduation in 1948, with no direction in life, launched his first magazine “If Revived“, and he’s now know to own thousands of papers and media companies.

He has an unquenchable healthy passion for gambling, newspapers, and expanding his empire. As an entrepreneur, you take the good and learn from the bad.

Taking jobs at the London Daily Express, and papers before going at it on his own, he taught himself a lot. It’s been said many times, “fortune favors the brave” because pursuing risk-for-reward is not for everyone. If it were the world financial economy would have faced a meltdown every quarter. This is a man who was pursuing, conquering the world like Bill Gates did with Windows.

What ever tactics he applied towards is objective will be considered dirty. Politicians, Bankers, Marketers, Salespeople, Parents, Judges, and Officers play dirty tricks or what I call “Grey Tactics”, even cell phone carriers. At what cost that’s a question for Mr. Murdoch and others to answer.

“Monopoly is a terrible thing – till you have it.” Rupert Murdoch

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