Friday, October 21, 2011

Confusion is Marketing’s Worst Enemy

The laptop, and computer market is filled with comfusion ever since processors became duo-core. Before all you had to know was A Pentium 4 is better than a Pentium 3 or P3 500mhz was worst than a P3 1Ghz. For all the business people, if you want to move products or increase sales the less time it takes for a consumer to transition from education, clear product fit, to purchase is very critical. I’m surprise a second place player AMD is making the same mistakes. There are so many brands of processors in the market it’s delaying people’s willings to buy. Intel has i3, i5, i7 but to the consumer there’s no clear way to distinguish what are the beneficial difference. From my understanding it’s just number of processing cores, a processors as being split into smaller segments. Yeepee!?

Keep it simple. You’d think simplicity would be easy to obtain but the truth is to see it from the eyes of a 12 year old or could be undertood by one.

So clearyfy what your brand, product stands for and try to keep it simple.

In addition, computer makers stop making products that are not built to last. Not sure the avg life for a new laptop before it needs major repair but I think it’s like less than 2yrs.

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