Saturday, June 30, 2012

Introducing "FU40 Group Tools" on RXPG (

This Sexy Bird is Growing and has to Fly

Short Msg:
/*Go to Today.
Thank You For Your Support.
*Exclusive Limited Time Trial Offer. *\

Long Msg:
. . .Wow, 5000+ strong members and inching closer to 6000+. But, Manny, what does this mean or where is FU40 going, you might ask?

Where Founders Under 40™ Group goes depends on you. This unique community exist today because of you. I, Manny, just helped nurture this sexy bird.

There are bigger things outside of LinkedIn or social networks that you and the FU40 Group community can and will pursue together. If you are happy where you are on linkedin, twitter, facebook, etc. you are welcome to continue to use these great tools.

It takes resources to pursue dreams. So help us help you.
It’s Time to Play. It’s Time to Make Us Strong. Sign up for a limited time trial of “beta FU40 Group Tools”.

Go to Today.
Thank You For Your Support.
*Exclusive Limited Time Trial Offer.

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