Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Founders, Want to Improve your People Skills and Relationships?

Special Publication eBook
The "How to Bake...." series, which has nothing to do with cooking, has been very helpful to the many founders around the world.

Now, we introduce a very special publication,  
"HOW TO BAKE BETTER FOUNDER'S RELATIONSHIPS", that will help founders improve their:
  • people skills, emotional intelligence, team skills, influence, leadership and their relationship management skills with friends, family, team members.  
  • It's got plenty of advice, worksheets, team kits for start-ups or growing companies.

"According to research, lack of people skills and relationship management is the leading cause of business failure. " - VC Manager

Get It Today.

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Check Out Past Series: WWW.FoundersUnder40.COM 

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