Monday, December 10, 2012

Over 20 Marketing Ideas For Founders Under 40™ Group Members

Since we started this extraordinary group which as become a great blessing, We`have always shown appreciation for 8000+ members support, donations and loyalty. So we came up with over 20 great marketing and business ideas for you.


Thank You to BJMANNYST.COM for their collaboration & marketing support of Founders Under 40™ Group ( 

1. Don`t do what you don`t have an ounce of love for.

2. Find others who love what you hate.

3. Me, Only Me businesses doesn't work anymore.

4. Create conversation, engagement, interaction, offer value.

5. Know your target very well, so you can always be great at anticipating what they need now and in the near future.

6. Know exactly where targets spend time and don`t try to mess up the ecosystem. A group made for entrepreneurs wants to interact with their peers so if you don`t fit, don`t try to change the ecosystems. It`s up to you to adjust. Not for them to adjust to you.

7. Allocate your resources in ways to maximize it`s return

8. Remember this: acquire customers, profitable customers, keep them, and expand their lifetime value

9. Can you identify your market position

10. Have you asked your customers what`s they think your market position is

11. Use your marketing and business resources like everyone else, you are likely to produce similar outcomes.

12. First impressions can make or break landing page conversion rates

13. Sometimes you think inside the box and sometimes you think outside the Diamond

14. Guessing your way to marketing success is very risky try using data to support your efforts

15. Before you initiate anything know the possible outcomes , both good and bad

16. Most people like what everyone likes, even venture capitalist.

17. Some people learn through text, voice or pictures and some through video

18. The typical search pattern begins with: Identify a need or problem, Awareness, Options, Check It Out, For Me or Not, Check Creditability, Purchase

19. If you are in the first page of search result you are not invisible. The other pages start to become invisible.

20. You can game search engines or just learn how customers use search engines and search results

21. Create content people can’t help linking to.

22. Make efforts to stay fresh overall

23. People will say good, bad, true and untrue things. Some might exaggerate or spread rumors.

24. Remember you can`t always believe everything you read or hear online or offline

25. Monitor all important terms related to your organization

26. Complaints can be an excellent opportunity to improve your organization

27. Is your social media goal to educate, share, or community?

28. Contact the people who write about the topics you care about.

29. Viral video generates buzz and awareness not sales.

30. Encourage people to like and comment on your Facebook page or post

31. Consider using multiple sites, social media or blogs for each of the mini targets you’re trying to reach.

32. Find ways to meet your online fans offline as much as possible.

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