Sunday, January 6, 2013

Finding & Hiring A Great Community Manager For B2B Businesses & HR Managers

The role of a great community manager both online & offline is very hard & rewarding. It requires numerous skills  that can be learned however most skills cannot be taught.You can not tell a 7 Foot  guy, who has never played basketball, to suddenly love and understand the game of basketball. Warren Buffett loved and knew the game of making money however he did not let the problems of money hinder his  progress in life.
The point is that great community managers love it, know how to use it and  know that communities are always changing.

A business community manager focus should be to: 
  • Understand the business
  • Understand the customers
  • Moderate the engagement of the customers
  • Help customers understand your business
  • Help drive sales not sell
  • Retain customers
  • Create raving fans
  • Grow your brand.
The tools of a business community manager:
  • A community manager must select the best tools that will get the job done. It might be inexpensive, intangible, tangible, or might be invaluable strategic.
  • Must monitor the environment for better, different, or competitive advantage tools or partners
  • Using various social media platforms  to attract the right target not the right number of followers.
  • Monitor all community mediums, replying to user questions and feedbacks.
  • Keep finding, creating, distributing, and sharing relevant content.
So who makes a great community manager:
The truth is for some industry certain skills are more important than others.
Must be able to understand  the world of your target including their pain, desires, and pleasures.
You need individuals who have the logical and creative balance that appeals to your target.

Find people who have built communities out of nothing. Meaning no pre-established brand, company, or personal credibility. Or find people who have turn around or created a significant ROI from a community.

A community will be critical to any business in 2013 - 2020. You can hire individuals or what I advice if it’s not your strength find others to assist you. I might.
BJ MANNYST™ ( the marketing service provider to Founders Under 40™ Group ( might be of help.

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