Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What if Burger King Paid to Be Hacked

The fast food giant’s Twitter account was hijacked for over an hour and defaced to a point, that McDonalds seemed to be behind it. But what if for a marketing stunt, they paid someone to hack their account.

We live in a crazy competitive digital world were many companies would use any methods or tactics to achieve what ever they desire. To get free media attention, to get pity, to get attention, to get free stuff.

It seems we are hearing more about social media accounts being hacked. I would like to hear your thoughts about how to deal with a nightmare like this.

Like they say, bad publicity can help. Since the hacking, Burger King has gained over 15,000 followers and counting.

So the message here is pay someone to deface your twitter account, leak it to the media, wait hours to suspend the account, and gain new followers.

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