Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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Theres no day that I don’t see all kinds of content, ideas or businesses who are just a variation of some other shit that I’ve seen from several hundred others. I’m really not interested in the fifth rat trap. Occasionally I get exposed to people claiming to be experts in digital marketing from nations that are just discovering the internet trying to convince audiences,who breed digital marketing 24/7, how to do it. You have people talking about raising funds in thirty days that have never gotten off their fat ass and faced the numerous sometimes soul-crushing rejection telling others how to do it. The thing about the internet is that it makes ordinary people who haven’t earned their stripes to simply enter a field and start bombarding everyone that they discovered fire and can help others make fire. I’ll say it once, “our world is so content saturated - - -That people are drowning in it. What makes your fucking content special?” Why should I stop what I’m doing to listen to you?

What annoys me sometimes is when those people never take the time to learn what really the group manager/ moderators wants, what’s the purpose of the community, what audiences wants and what format, what they already know, or care about. One true reason why I’m writing this is to encourage better content and behaviors from thousands who dump their content to Founders Under 40 Group online and offline community which I help moderate and think their shit is the greatest shit since Uber.

I’d be straight with everyone no one wants mediocre content, regurgitated content, or boring shit they can find else where, like for example “How To Develop A Great Sales Culture” or “Mastering Social Media 2.0” or “20 Ways To Bootstrap Your Startup”, “How To Find a Co-Founder”, “How To Hookup With Co-Workers?, etc.

My advice, find someone else good shit and share it and give them credit. If you think their shit sucks then create your own don’t plagiarize.

Another example, many music artist have written and sang about love for thousand of years yet they seem to always find many combinations and variations of expressing the emotion. So that should be the same for any content. I will share with you what else to consider.

Manny of Founders Under 40™ Group: The Fundamental Of Hedgehog Content

  • Find ways to differentiate yourself. There’s only one Jennifer Lopez.
  • What area of a subject or issue or demographic can you focus on and be the very very best in?
  • Why do you want to deliver great invaluable content and what’s the point?
  • What is it about producing content that excites you?
  • Do you have desktop and mobile friendly version of your content?
  • Do you know what you want to achieve from sharing your content?
  • Do you know how to layout, write, produce, edit, your work so it conveys a high quality effort?
  • Have you identified the editor, gatekeepers, publisher, moderators or managers of a community or site to explore finding a suitable content fit or learn what type of content they like and hate?
  • Do you know how to select, create, and edit images to suit your content?
  • Have you thought of how you will build trust, credibility, or authority or fun with your target?
  • Do you know what high quality content looks like?
  •  Is your content enjoyable to read or watch or listen to?
  • Are you the best person to convey an expertise view or do you need to find a better source?
  • Did you know the more high quality content you write and present, the more visible you become on search engines?
  • Did you know the more focus your subject and purpose the more invaluable you become to a loyal audience?
  • Did you know the more share count and comment you get the better the perception is that your content is quality shit?
  • Does your content really solve a problem?
  • Do you make an effort to engage your audience, followers, etc?
  • Does your content answer a question?
  • Does your content provide entertainment?
  • Does your content make people laugh so hard that they have to share with others?
  • Do you use different content formats? Consider trying different formats or different platforms. 
  • Have you presented it in a more original way?
  • Are you creating special and exclusive content that your audience won’t find elsewhere?.
  • Are you making sure your paid writers or internal writers have giving you full rights to do as you will with the content?

Please comment and ask questions about content marketing or any relevant issue.

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