Tuesday, May 21, 2013


A world and technology that will reshape the way we purchase & consume common goods. It will make patents even harder to challenge. It will be a world that the music and movie industry are still trying to deal with. 

Digital just challenges everything. One day it will be food, water, air, transportation, money, jobs, etc.

The barrier to enter a lot of manufacturing industry will be as easy as baking a cake. 

Consumers goods manufacturers will now better collaborate with customers to better visualize and exchange ideas. 

What would stop you from creating a 3D model of the intellectual property rights of others, I'm still trying to find out. What stops you from sharing an Alicia Keys song with 5 of your friends. 

Anyone can open a weapons factory in their garage and start making lethal weapons and sell them online. And not be tracked. 

How 3D printing works:

It prints one layer of plastic or other material at a time.  The thickness of the each layer determines the printer's resolution.  

Thinner layers allow for more complicated and intricate output.  Resolution of the printer is also a function of the materials being used to create the output.  

Some opportunities & threats of 3D printing:  

  • l Assembly lines or assembly stations can be eliminated.
  • l More easier on-demand customization
  • l Eliminates the need of making moulds
  • l Better inventory management
  • l Less warehouse space
  • l Fewer labor personnel
  • l Less waste of raw material.

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