Saturday, May 4, 2013

So Salesforce, Marc Benioff, Wants to Remake Marketing with more Technology. . .You Dope

“Everyone has to move to being a connected, customer-oriented company.” Marc Benioff as he prepares to launch a product which is trying to automate  the way a company finds potential customers by analyzing and sending personalized ads over social media.

Yes, that’s what we need...more stupid tech marketing tools : ). I love tech marketing tools however what gets me upset is when companies think they can reduce sales & marketing to 1s & 0s. 

Marc, sales & marketing performance has little to do with technology, it helps a little, however you still deal with real people,real concerns and real influencers. 

“All of us have to become connected companies, changing fundamentally how we sell our products to customers,” said Marc Benioff, the founder and chief executive of

Mr. Marc Benioff believes it’s about social media, mobile, big data, cloud computing and human factors. Thanks for the update, Marc.

Now answer this, how can companies deal with the power of social, peer recommendation and influencers when they know just as much as you? 

And Marc sees the future of marketing social media as less human staff in the process. Yeah, Good luck with that.

He envisions marketing as being capable of understanding in real time what customers are doing with the products they have purchased, and staying in constant, and appropriate, contact with customers.

Wake up Marc. When you look at every successful product in life, Marc, successful brands, services are successful due to repeat positive endorsement by humans and human mechanics such as an analog voice conversation over a telephone or face-to-face. An article in Consumer Report. Not whether you spy on your customers 24/7.

Any company thinking everything in marketing could or should be automated is seriously delusional.  Marc, humans haven’t really change since our existence, we still crave and desire things that technology can’t fill.  We still need others to love us. We still need to trust. We still need sensory pleasures.

In my opinion, people have to give up access to their minds before we ever get close to true marketing effectiveness. I don’t even want to imagine a world where corporations had physical and virtual access to consumers minds.  - Manny of Founders Under 40™

So Marc crunch your data all the f$%@^ you want, companies have to face the reality that humans are the best marketing tools.

P.S. nothing personal, Marc Benioff, just tired of people thinking technology is the answer to everything. Helping to manage a group like Founders Under 40™ ( has reinforce in me the value of the human soul.

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