Monday, August 12, 2013

Founders Under 40 Group: Solo-Founders Tip

Entrepreneurship is hard work and it can be harder if you work by yourself so we put together some useful tips to help you get through or until you find your co-founders and advisers. Remember there’s nothing wrong with being a solo-founder. Either you are not ready, you haven’t found the one, or you just like working by yourself initially. Below are some tips to handle yourself.

What drives you: If you’ve chosen to pursue this path. You better make sure it’s on  the right path. Here’s what I mean. Take some time to know what makes you happy and what doesn’t. What are you willing to sacrifice for your dream. Next, make effort to test your ideas and question if the market you’re chasing is big enough to attract other founders and financial assistance. And get a good ROI.

We all need friends: There are times you will be lonely, frustrated, and discourage so it is important you have someone or someplace to go to recharge yourself. Joining a group like Founders Under 40 Group is a perfect place. You can interact freely or vent or rant opening on their un-moderated open forum on M’s Push Magazine,   or  ask for advice on their social networks or upgrade to get access to more personal attention. Go out for dinner, go see a movie, go to a public events, etc.

Always Give thanks: always be grateful even though your business ideas has hit a dead-end or it’s growing so fast. What I always do is remind myself that somewhere in the world someone would kill to have half of what I have. So stop the self pity party or the God complex.  Be grateful for your successes in life.

Personal Development: This one is really up to you. Your life is a journey and in that journey you grow by reaction or grow by choice. It means pickup a book, watch biography video of people you admin and develop yourself. The school of life never stops.

Mind & Body: When you take away your car, money,house, children, sex, etc. all that you can take full control of is your mind & body. Feed it good food so you can continue to get good things out of it.

*Written by the Founder of Founders Under 40 Group. The fastest growing unconventional founders community in the world.

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