Sunday, August 4, 2013

Has Your Tech Business Taking A Marketing Health Check?

A lot of  times many entrepreneurs and founders spends hours on developing the tech product without truly understanding the pain of their potential target. And hit a road block and suddenly they start running around looking for marketing specialist / community manager to help fine-tune their strategy and breakthrough the competitive market.

I attend a few hackatons and know that Tech guys know very well how to identify a problem but most time they lack the marketing & business sense to see the dimensions of the execution.

My advice, especially tech founders, prior to development go out and engage your prospects openly. Mid way conduct a marketing health check-up.

if you don’t have a marketing team member, BJ Mannyst, Founders Under 40 Group marketing service provider, has develop a free 24 Hours marketing check-up toolkit & service that might help. 

It also can help senior marketing managers of multi-million companies.

The benefit is that it keeps on track and helps you catch problems sooner.

Free BJ Mannyst 24hrs marketing health check-up kit

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