Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mind Control Coming...Who is Going to Protect You.

It's just a matter of time before your mind and body becomes a slave to certain institutions. The use of influence and propaganda to sway people would not be necessarily. Whom ever has the technology could simply rule the world easily.
"In April, when researchers from Harvard Medical School published the rat video on YouTube, they were demonstrating the creation of a brain-to-brain interface formed between human and vermin. Basically, the human could concentrate on a specific idea and—via something called transcranial focused ultrasound, or FUS—an impulse would be sent to excite the part of the rat’s brain that controls tail movement. The experiment worked 94 percent of the time, with a thought taking about 1.5 seconds to travel from human to rat."
I don't see much upside to this technology other than to feed powerful people and institutions, who like to be Gods, with more power.  Some application could be you take over the mind of politicians to do questionable injustice. Have oil nations leaders, OPEC, sell their oil cheaper. Have people buy a Nokia phone instead of a Apple iPhone. 
It reminds me of military unmanned air drones. A nation with the technology reduces it's own casualties because others can not attack or stop a superior weapon there's a possibility of unimaginable abuse of power. 
"The chip maker Intel (INTC) and researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have done some very promising work around mind-reading with humans. They can ask a person to think about a specific object and can then determine—90 percent of the time—what that object is by watching brain activity on an fMRI machine. So far, the vocabulary for the tests is limited to about 1,000 words, and the subjects are merely picking between a couple of words at a time, but their success rate is good enough to conceive of people being able to turn a smartphone or a TV on and off via thoughts alone."
For marketer this will be the greatest technology since the television. Television is a tool that systematically told you how to think, what to wear, who is judging you, what others have, etc.  With a mind reading technology, marketers can find out what material or message is really working. We can find out why it's working. Marketer might simply send a signal directly to your brain to stop buying Colgate and start buying Crest. 

I would like to hear your thoughts and any emerging companies or individuals focusing on brain reading or brain control. 
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