Saturday, August 3, 2013

Will You Be the Master of Your Future & Digital Life in 2030?

Around the world millions and millions of people are updating their Facebook page at this moment. Some are sharing pictures of their late night badass adventures to the recent birth of their nephew. Most have filled out all the data fields that media companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon are constantly inventing clever ways to obtain . the “Your Profile is 60% Complete. People with profile pictures have more friends” 

So you delete, some bad judgement pictures, but how do you know if Facebook and Google are not keeping it indefinitely for as long as they want. Because when you think about it, with time and data you can truly begin to profile a person’s behaviour and predict what someone's desires and fears are.  Like in chess if you know every probable and likely move of your opponent you own them.

As more and more become attached to technology, I wonder if the future will likely belong to the machines and our lives will be ruled by machines. Cars, all transportation, manufacturing and services are automated. Eventually with time full control of ones life could be managed by Intelligent Machines.

It will start with, what I call, “Humans Who Govern Super Machines” to “Super Machine Who Govern Other Machines Who Govern Us” 

So I would  like to hear your vision of the future

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