Sunday, October 20, 2013

10 Critical Dimensions of the Customer Experience

Win me!

  • Find out what excites different customer segments, and create a value proposition to satisfy them.
  • Get the customer to talk about your positive attributes to the right people, especially on social media.
  • Be passionate about educating customers when you sell to them, and make installation and activation as smooth as possible. 

Delight me!

  • Deliver an exciting product experience that makes you different from competitors in at least one area important to your customers. 
  • Nobody likes receiving bills, but at least keep customers from complaining by providing bills that are clear and accurate.
  • Be a champ about resolving issues. 
  • Create pleasant and effective processes for upgrading, cross-selling, renewing and relocation services. 

Keep me!

  • Let your high-value customers know they are your high-value customers—and shower them with rewards. 
  • Know how to proactively detect when your customers are disappointed—and know how to change their minds. 
  • When customers opt to cancel, have a plan for bringing them back (at least the ones you want to keep).


*Originally written by a different author

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