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7 Marketing Strategy for Small Medium Business Facing Challenges


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According to numerous surveys and discussions the greatest issues  small business owners worry about are: finding new customers,  affording employee benefits, keeping their current customers  paying business bills, hiring good workers, competition.

So we at BJ Mannyst thought maybe we can share some helpful tips. 


Spend On Marketing

- In some ways marketing can be seen as flushing money down the toilet because the returns are not immediate however its the best investment you can make in your business. The world is very competitive and some how you must figure out how to get others to buy from you instead of your competition down the street. 

So we suggest you set aside an amount that go towards marketing activities: branding, strategy, product development, market research, advertising, social media, etc. (You decide which activity would be best and which you can sustain for long periods)

However, be sure to give your business the room to try out alternative marketing opportunities and ideas to see if they work.

Get Your Appearance Right

-We live in a world where your first impression can really shape the future of your business. So we suggest you build a simple effective website, develop a great social media management strategy, color scheme, logo, etc. Place your business contact information where ever it needs to be on your website  or top of your store. 

However before you begin anything relating to your business image, communication take sometime to think about how you want to be seen as well as consider who your target will be.  What does the competition do. This is something  BJ Mannyst ( can help you with.

Find or Hire Someone to Spread the Word

-There are many ways to bring in business however its finding the quality methods among the garbage out there, that’s the challenge.  Most prospects research you and your organization long before they contact you. So put out genuine content , business listings , insights, tips, etc. That would be helpful to your targets.  However before you put out any material make sure you can live up to your standards. 

Keeping Them

-them means customers. The simplest thing is doing the right things right. There are times customers would be upset that your product or service did not live up to their expectation.  So before they run out and tell two people, why not prevent unsatisfied customers or negative reviews. Someway to do that is to be honest with them prior to taking their money. Make sure you know what exactly you can deliver. Make sure customer can vent their complaints to a decision maker. Have policies in place to guide you. Always be listening to your customers.

Build An Engaging Social Media Presence

- Social media is a powerful way to market and engage prospects because there are no middle men. It’s direct interaction with people.  If you are catering to consumers go with Facebook or Twitter. If you are b2b or provide goods or services to business decision makers go with LinkedIn. YouTube is another way to spread the word or provide helpful tips.

However social media activity is not a sit and wait or idle thing. You must make a commitment of some time to it.

Save Money & Time by Automating

-Some things in marketing, hr, etc. Can now be automated, meaning you just program a few instructions and it just does it over and over again with little to no human involvement. For a example, you can use some CRM  software to automatically contact a prospect with a particular message once they ask for a quote.

Always Know How Well Your Marketing is Doing

-Sure marketing is important so is monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of your marketing dollars and cents. For more helpful tips & ideas visit: BJMANNYST.COM

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