Sunday, April 27, 2014

Advertising that Drive Women Crazy

1) Don’t underestimate women’s intelligence. Ads that assume they know nothing
about cars, sports, or finances are marketing poison.

2) Stop patronizing. Wake up and realize that women don’t enjoy being talked down
to. No more pictures of women laughing while eating salad, dancing while talking
about menstrual products, or getting irrationally excited about yogurt.

3) Show you care. Your products may be good, but if you are not a good corporate
citizen, female consumers will take note. Testing your products on animals? Failing to
pay your employees a fair wage or to hire women in leadership positions? Trashing
the environment? Doing business overseas unethically? Women will take notice.

4) Women as sex objects. They see your beer ads and your cologne ads. Don’t think
they don’t see them.

5) Make it funny. Stop assuming men are the only ones with a sense of humour.

6) Show moms as real people. Not all mothers drive minivans, and not all of them
want the picture of sunny perfection that seems to be in every ad targeted to moms.
Show the mess and imperfections. Show working moms balancing their lives. And by
the way, men play an active role in the household too. Get real.

7) And speaking of moms, when it comes to their daughters, stop painting everything
pink. Regular Lego is Lego for girls, too.

8) Health matters. Don’t sugarcoat your health claims. Women are trying to lead
healthier lives for them and their families. Make it easier for them.

***originally written by different author

Note: Any woman offended by image should share their views and suggest ways advertises engage male or female targets. "Snickers" had nothing to do with this article.

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