Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Minorities & Women & LBGT & You Have Too Many Pity Parties

I believe if certain groups don’t stepup their confidence and assert themselves, they are going to miss out on the digital revolution. There’s wearable, VR, the internet of things, augmented reality, lifestyle technology, fashion technology, health, entertainment, social innovations, sexuality, community planning, engineering, space exploration, that are all just dieing for diverse perspective, solutions, and leadership. So in my opinion, stop having pity parties and go bold .

If you haven’t read, I love women so keep the rude comments to yourself. I’m pro people. I love everyone and live, in my mind, a world of no favoritism. I have taught myself to see past skin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, class and just be accepting of people.

“And within the last year training high-potential women at several financial services
firms, leaders identified two main communication challenges: First, they said women
don’t ask for reviews as often as men, and men were afraid of offering feedback for
fear of women getting emotional or defensive. Secondly, they said women don’t sit up
front and participate like men. The communication challenges were holding women
back. In the session, I asked the crowd for reaction. One young woman said it’s hard to
squeeze in or speak up in a man’s club. Another said she doesn’t participate because
she’s afraid they’ll dismiss her and her ideas if she didn’t have all the answers.
So how can women start feeling more confident? “ --- Mary C, Editor  Source: article

I’m sure the same challenge applies to minorities. It’s really more an inner fear and inner barriers that holds people back. It’s an endless fear of whether the majority group will accept me.

I say f&^*  what they think. Have you accepted yourself, are you confident in your own skin, know your strengths and weaknesses, know your values, choose the path of success. Then go after your dreams.

Life is just a f^&**#^ing game so learn the game and learn to play it. Men embrace a competitive, supportive world and play tough so anyone wishing to participate better toughing up. You can demand that corporations meet a certain quoter of women, minority on staff . In my opinion that’s no different from begging yourself into a golf club when you are not appreciated as a person.

Certain generation hold on to values that conflicts with modern inclusive values and that’s their right however I personally don’t let it be my problem.

There are so many changes occurring that you can wait for someone to open the door to let you in, have pity parties, or you can join a welcoming group that can help you create your own house.

Power doesn't belong to a certain group it’s as big an illusion as money. I think the right actions, right leaders, and right organizations can encourage the equal chance of all.
Brings me back, there are vast opportunities that awaits women, minorities, and everyone. We don't have to sell ourselves short. If you’ve worked your ass off to be a freaking Queen than don’t fucking be afraid to believe you can be king. However from my experience: power, influence, enthusiasm, seduction, confidence, leadership, fearlessness, etc. all had to be earned. 

There are no f#%5 pity parties in my world. Life is though and fun so have the best f&^*& party.

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