Monday, April 28, 2014

If You are Not a Little Nervous, It Might Mean...for Founders Under 40™ Group Members

I’m sure many of you have desires but have you ever noticed the more determined you are to achieve something the more nervous you become.  So heres what it means when  you are not nervous:

You Don’t Give a F%$^&:

Not sure about you but when I’m nervous that’s when I work harder to prepare myself to receive the outcome I want. My heart would race, rush of adrenalin, positive thoughts would overwhelm me and I would become more confident.

So whatever you are doing  doesn’t make you nervous occassionally it might mean you don’t care. 

You are Not Pushing Yourself Enough:

There were times in my past when I thought small. I have come up with an idea that was designed to help me survive however eventually I started acting on bigger, bolder ideas that pushed me out of my confort zone.

And has made me a great leader, a great friend, a great lover, a great associate, a great wealth. So if you want a great home in a great neighborhood then align your consciousness and actions towards pushing yourself to get out of comfort zone behaviors and push yourself.

You are Not Aware of the Stakes: 

From my experience , when I know what it takes to succeed and know upside and down side the more I convert my nervousness into strength. So it’s very important you know what you’re doing and what the stakes are to be successful.

I’ve being very fortunate to assist Founder Under 40™ Group which has grown from absolutely nothing to the #1 most admired, unconventional and inclusive founders community in history. I’m part of a big challenge and something larger than me.  So with a great purpose, the stakes are high for commitment,

It’s sort of like being in a relationship with the love of your life. Everyday you make effort to nurture the seed of your relationship by committing to be the best partner you can be.

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