Friday, May 23, 2014

The Ultimate Selling Process for Professional Service Providers - for FU40 Group members

Your prospective clients look for the benefits your service provides, including problem solving, getting objective expert advice and the ability to identify and capitalize on new market opportunities. Because the client often cannot evaluate the quality of your service, particularly before services are rendered, your firm must promote the benefits it hopes to deliver. Your services should have one ultimate goal: improve the client’s bottom line.

Because of the wide variety of benefits and services different professional firms deliver, they can have very varied fee levels and pricing structures. Whatever your area of expertise, your service firm should stress the improved value it delivers to clients over time, be it in enhanced productivity, more complex and complete information, better representation, entry into fresh markets or new product development.

The Selling Process You Need to Adopt

Successful service providers must convince others about the benefits of their expertise. Being persuasive in direct personal encounters is a professional survival necessity. Four important factors can affect your sales effectiveness:

Selling services is a complex process

You need to inform and convince clients while you stress the differences between your firm and your competitors. Carefully introduce the various parts of your process and then construct these segments into a cohesive whole for the prospective client. The end result should show clients the benefits you provide and your firm’s distinct qualifications and abilities.

Details can make a big difference

The sale of services depends on many decision points, large and small. Often, little details can make or break a sale. Do not overlook anything that could be important to your potential client.

Background vs. performance

When you are selling your services, present the right blend of information. Some clients want to hear more about your background and education; others prioritize your performance and professional acumen. Develop a sales message that works for your organization and re-evaluate it often.

A flexible sales approach 

Be light on your feet so you use the right mix of communication tactics at the right time. Selling is a fluid process and no approach works best for all clients at all times. Develop a customized approach for each client and situation. Match your presentation to the circumstances and personalities involved. A professional sales conversation is no place for a script.
Each step of the process may use a different form of communication, from face-to-face conversations to telephone calls to large meetings. Your test as a salesperson is how well you communicate about your services at each step in the sales process. Stage your sales process carefully. Each part of the process should have its own goal. Selling is a continuous process where each new meeting builds sequentially on the last meeting. Thus, you must get the current stage right – for yourself and the buyer – before you can move to the next stage!

***Originally presented by a different author
***Shared by BJ Mannyst  

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