Saturday, June 14, 2014

Before Your Beta Product Launch, Get Your Beta Brand Strategy.

Everyone and anyone can sell products but what can differentiate your product is brand DNA.  I’ve been to many hackathons, datathons, businessthons, pickupthons, communithons, etc to know how easy it is to develop a rough product concept.  Tech entrepreneurs and some early adopters, glowing with excitement, gravitate to the prototype like kids on Christmas Day. In a matter of months, start: building the cart, building around a cart, before getting the horse.  The horse is every aspect of business strategy that will help increase your success.  So before beta product launch or any business stage, get your beta brand strategy.

Below is some thoughts to consider before building your company around a cart. Seek diverse perspective to help with a rough brand strategy. That’s what BJ Mannyst does so they can offer brand, marketing, business perspective that’s invaluable. 

The example that comes to mind is Starbucks. Starbucks early days wasn’t about just coffee. It was about standing for something bigger, values, experience, communication style, appearance, people, product. 

The following tips should assist in developing rough beta brand strategy before launching a concept or beta product or as the business grows:

  • Understand the problem, the market, the perspectives
  • Tech is only 1/4 the ingredients so don’t neglect brand development
  • Give your team something to bind them, win customers and a brand DNA helps
  • Beta still allows you to be agile
  • Your beta brand stands for what?
  • Your beta brand values are?
  • Your beta brand wants to attract what kind of people?
  • Your beta brand is different in this way? (You don’t need a grand difference just differences that’s compelling)
  • Your beta brand offers what and why?
  • Your beta brand should look, act, talk like....?

Hopefully this is helpful to startups, traditional businesses, growing service companies , or anyone. If you need further assistance, please contact myself or visit,  or comment.



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