Thursday, July 3, 2014

Quick & Dirty Marketing Plan Dev Kit for SMB, Start-Ups

This marketing plan kit is not meant to be a formal document. This is a pen to paper quick and dirty way for startups, small & medium business owners to develop their marketing plans fast. And it’s a tool meant to help us help our clients and prospects.

Marketing consist of many elements that we strongly recommend you consider or find ways to further educate yourself. Marketing helps decide what type of business to be in, what price to charge, how to spread the word, promotion methods, budget management, measuring effectiveness and so on.

We are not presenting a full breakdown of marketing plan development so we recommend you pickup a a marketing book, expose yourself to marketing magazines, business magazines like Inc. Magazine, or sites like or reach out to us (, we’d be glad to assist.

Before you start: Decide what business you are going into, what customers you’d like to serve, how do you want to position your business, do some quick research, who is supporting you, any legal issues, remember this plan is an ongoing thing. So do a dirty version first.

For further help, what to do...

  • Contact a business adviser, accountant or solicitor for advice.
  • Check in you neighborhood marketing workshops, libraries or entrepreneurship seminars near you.
  • Search for networking, mentoring or training events 
  • Click picture, download kit, finish draft, and then contact BJ Mannyst

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