Monday, August 11, 2014

BJ Mannyst Tips: For Your Marketing Makeover Time

Start ups, b2b, professional service providers it’s time for a marketing wake-up call. Many of you are in a desperate need of a marketing makeover. A lot of times what pass for tech-start up, smb, b2b, professional service provider marketing is try a bunch s@%#^ and see what works and really never understanding why it worked so you can repeat it. And a bunch of time you just don’t have the time to execute your marketing strategy. So we decide to share marketing insights while you considered your makeover.

BJ Mannyst,, & affiliate team welcomes the occasional challenge from early, growing service companies or smb looking to receive a marketing makeover or advice. So we took some time to offer some general tips and suggestions to start.

Each companies situation might be slightly differently so contact us and we can look into solutions that will fit your specific needs.

Below are scenarios, and an in-dept suggestion. These advice might sound simple however marketing is a science and an art with variety of layers and complexity.

Typical Scenario 1: You can’t wait to market your business that you’re so excited about.

Typical Scenario 2: You are doing okay with marketing however just need for it to be efficient and effective.


As business tech founders or entrepreneurs, you are committed to spending more time doing what you love not on somethings that’s a mystery. And you lack expertise in.

So this might be a general overview of your current marketing:

So far your company hasn’t invested much in marketing. The only marketing it’s done is pick a business name, pick colors, some general opinion market research, maybe networking, relying on  word-of-mouth. Occasionally attend community events. Your online visibility is a “good enough website” without the modern elements, an average-sort-of-active social media initiative and sharing little-to-no content or insights or engagement, no creditability.


We Recommend:

  • Make sure whatever business you’re in you love it and are in it for the long run while leaving room for flexibility or what we call, “reality checks”. 
  • Lets put together a quick & dirty business plan & marketing plan together. This will at least guide your thoughts and actions. It will also help service providers like BJ Mannyst know where you hope to be. 
  • For a more specific scenario, there’s likely to be challenges but we’ll leave that out. 
  • An assessment of the teams’ strengths and weaknesses will give idea who should be the key lead or project sponsor for marketing makeover. 
  • To get the benefits of marketing, you must make time for it. It must be ongoing and a continues system that utilizes the best path.
  • Your marketing strategy is everything. It is important to seek variety of lessons or advice to help develop the best strategy. 
  • There are certain systems that needs to be in place for you to execute your strategy very well.
  • Before any real marketing work can begin, you must prepare and take time to evaluate every aspect of the essentials for successful business operation.
  • A website, content, blog, social media management, that works with the target you wish to attract. Use the language your target will understand. Offer resources to aid in their decision making. 
  • Seek the services of a website designer however not before you prepare your marketing plan. BJ Mannyst can assist in these areas.
  • Get known and noticed. Join organizations, events, partner, contribute anyway with anyone that will create a win-win-win. Either hire a qualified PR firm or make a list of top 20 media contacts and start building relationships with them and telling them ways you can help them. Follow journalist on twitter, LinkedIn, etc comment on their articles. Reach out with a professional email that they can’t ignore.
  • Choosing a well-defined target market will make it easier to market. 
  • All marketing activities then needs to focus on this market and speak directly to their unique needs.
  • Commit to a few core activities that allow you to get the word out about your services 
  • Everyone on your team should know how to identify your ideal target 
  • If you are a one man show or a few men show consider hiring a marketing coordinator who will execute  ideas or hire an outsourced marketing partner. 
  • BJ Mannyst welcomes the opportunity to assist in your marketing endeavor.
  • Building the companies brand equity makes good business sense. 
  • Differentiating your business will require some creativity but it’s possible 
  • Make it an habit to talk with current profitable clients and least profitable and find out why they like working with you. 
For further help take the BJ Mannyst 24/7 Marketing CheckUp.

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