Friday, August 21, 2015

Stay Away From Everything Competitive If You Can't Hustle Smart & Hard - Founders Under 40™ Group + BJ Mannyst Presents

Do you know the number of calls, email your prospects, customers gets from your competitors? Do you know what goods or services consumers could substitute instead of buying yours? Do you know how your competition is winning deals, every quarter?And finally, do you know how to HSH, hustle smart & hard. When I say hustle, let me be clear, don’t mean criminal activities or reckless shortcuts.

It’s such a disruptive and hyper-competitive world today that you can easily be tempted to result to cheating, unfairness, copying, sabotaging, deceptions, prayer or simply just HSH. I have seen in professional hockey finals, basketball finals, Super Bowls, soccer tournaments around the world the amount of fight that goes into winning games.  I’m always reminder, that if you want something bad enough and conduct your approach in a healthy manner you can achieve great things.

If you haven’t realized it, success in life and in business is a fierce competition for resources. So either get better or watch others get better. So  I & the Founders Under 40™ Group thought lets share some tips for a better hustle mind.

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Tips: Self Identify If You Have HSH

  • Thinking that building a company is just about making money...unless really making lots of money is just your kicks. So find a vision that scares you, a vision that drives you in good and bad times. Engage others with your vision and remember to be thoughtful who you get in business with.

  • You stop being so risk adverse, overcome your fears. If you are going to leap hard make sure you will be still leaping forward. Never give up. Just pivot if necessary.

  • You realize planning every step is not going to help you. If you wait to have every single ingredient to travel to Mars you will never travel to mars. Sometimes just taking the first step is all you need.

  • Can you find courage to fight through the odds?

  • Not afraid to tell people of your accomplishment because if you don’t who will? If you were inspired by this great motivation speaker you will tell your friends, right? So learn when to and when not to promote.

  • You are confident. Go for it. 100 angel investors and 1000 VCs might say no to your idea however the question really is “whether you believe enough in your vision and yourself to give it all you got.”

  • It’s true. The harder you work the luckier you get. Well working with hustle smart hard mentality makes you more luckier. What we mean is, opportunity will be presented to you occasionally and you have to decide which once to say yes to and which ones to avoid. 

  • HSH mentality people are not afraid to pound the pavement. Not afraid to get out of their comfort zones. Cold call, reach out to people, network like crazy.

  • HSH people know sometimes you have to be patient and sometimes you have to become assertive. So go make s*%#@ happen.

  • HSH people know when to be lean and when to be ginormous.

  • Learn and practice success principles.

  • Don’t worry too much about rival companies. Be aware don’t plan like them. Just do you.

So hopefully some tips were helpful, if I & the BJ Mannyst team can help you or your service business in any other way, give us a shout. You are welcome to some ebooks and check out the NEW 2015 DIRECTORY OF FOUNDERS UNDER 40™ GROUP MEMBERS OFFERS. Submit your offers today.

The following invaluable insights are brought to you by

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Founder of Founders Under 40™ Group (world’s unconventional founders community) [ @fu40group ]

and the BJ Mannyst™ Team (unconventional marketing and business services)

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