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25+ Tips Service Businesses Need, This 4th Quarter, To Be Less Selfish & More “I Do Care”

Basically this is about becoming an invaluable asset to customers and not about how much you can get the customer to spend today. To all service business women and business men, I’m sure many of you would agree that when someone has taking the time to get to know your pain, preferences, routines, daily challenges you really feel like the most important person in the world. You feel like the world might be be chaotic however when you go to that service business, after work, the staff will provide a great experience. More heart, that’s worth striving for this 4th quarter, right?. 

Usually it begins with asking the right questions. Then further analysis to better find the best customized solutions for just you. All through simple clear process which never took forever to complete. And when they go the extra mile, They surprise you with gifts, offers, and relevant insights.

To my fellow service business owners, our world is changing yet the fundamental of human nature hasn’t.

So the BJ Mannyst team as gone through a lot effort to remind small medium service businesses and enterprise organizations that caring more might help you become more invaluable and help your bottom line this 4th quarter..
The following insights has been brought to you by Emmanuel “Manny” Omikunle (@thebestmannyo) of BJ Mannyst, BJ Mannyst Team + Mark King (@marketingkingsm) + Founders Under 40™ Group.

Please Enjoy Wisely:

The Game Today Is Not Get Them To Spend. It’s Care About Me & Then I Will Spend More

Small medium business service companies in financial services, fintech, professional services, SaaS, internet startups, b2b service providers and b2c service providers, are faced with a complex set of ongoing challenges.

Such challenges includes demand for transparency, 24/7 engagement on any medium, delayed decisions, demand for value, quality leads, social media, marketing, hiring, cash flow, change in technology, unsustainable competitive advantage, demand for significant differentiation, demand for results.

1.One thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to be able to demonstrate that your service will help them fulfill a need and help them improve.

2.I believe I came across a report that said that more and more people enjoy being able to bundle multiple services or to get all the services from few selective providers rather than several. I believe companies like Amazon, Google are becoming more and more the number one for most consumers and business services. Sure they can’t do it all great but I’m sure they can be good or a very powerful influence. The convenience and possibly the savings is likely tremendous. So our point is always to consider what other services might be complimentary to your core products.However do consider your vision.

3.People and businesses want great partners and trusted advisors. They want someone who is willing to be truthful about a service performance even when it means losing the deal.

4.Customers, prospects, clients, have more power today than ever and they don’t care about your solutions. They want you to take an interest in their business as if you are an investor and want you to understand the overall problems they face. You are willing to work with them to resolve the problems. And as time goes you will be the number one firm they will call.

5.Don’t give up your selling skills, just yet. You need more consulting selling. Digital marketing via inbound marketing is not 100% guaranteed for results. DM is beneficial to some point and for some objectives. You still need to persuade people on the benefits, cost, expectation, training, support, value,trust, etc

6.Your firm and yourself will need to be in positive light. Which means there needs to be a constant guiding principle and behavior that enable you to constantly provide awesome and caring service. Key is becoming a difference maker.

7.Truly understand the 360 world of your prospects, clients. Which means you really know what it feels like to be in their shoes. You know what time they get up, what time they go to work, what activities or charities they are involve in. Be a sincere friend.

8.Becoming more creative and impactful as to how you come up with ways to stay in touch, engage, assist them. Your business must be in-tune and in-touch of with them in every channel that your customers use. Striving continuously to make your customers journey as smooth as possible and understanding what that customer will gain,

9.Reminding yourself and your team that every single thing you do begins with customers.

10.Having a sence of urgency. Do it now. Do it today. Think through it and then act.

11.Having strategies and tactics today that are agile that quickly respond to change in customer taste, market fluctuation, etc

12.Never take your eyes off the Big Picture. Focus must be kept in your sights expecially in such a hyper-competitive world.  So find your big why, why do you want to win in this business? Why do you want get up at 6am to prepare for that client meeting at 9am? Why do you want to help this client who has a complicated problem? Why do you want to spend your lunch break trying to finish on time and on budget.

13.It’s a lot better to do a few thing very well than to do a lot of things average.

14.Credibility is something that will travel further during decision processes in a age of digital noise.Companies advertise on social media and announce a famous movie celebrity uses their product when really what happens is consumers are really seeking the opinions of their peers and trusted influence

15.Take time daily to finetune your ideal target or identify new markets.

16.The demand for better capability as well as commitment and rapid adaptability of new behaviors is becoming crucial and firms with leadership who find the courage to embrace the change will survive.

17.Competitive advantage just doesn’t last very long anymore. So care more for your clients and take on a social responsibility ability.

18.Great companies, and great people keep attracting the best. If you are average you get average. It’s a lot like sports teams. The wining teams keep winning and others get what’s left. So get your best self out there so you can keep attracting the best.

19.Because change happens so fast, a regular and frequent internal capability assessment of your talents and external talents can be a huge difference maker.

20.Continue to provide added value. Never stop adding value in anyway possible. Everyone likes to believe there are getting a deal. So present more value than cost.

21.Hope is not a service business strategy unless she’s a beautiful rainmaker. Action is a lot better than hope.

22.The value of a great idea is using it.

23.So a lot about value is to become useful, important, irreplaceable, and purposeful.

24.Effort needs to be made to stay in touch with contacts, friends, associates, prospects, customers.

25.Keep up with social media, networking events, places of worships, schools where your kids attend the same school as your customers’ kids, etc.

26.Value and being a caring organization is in the eye of the prospects and customers. So understand generally what each type of customer considers valuable.

27.Designing and aligning individual motivation to the ultimate organization objectives.
In addition, strive to be consistent, be accessible, be passionate, caring, simple, eliminate complexity, celebrate successes, give the right feedback in good or bad times, be transparent, admit when you don’t know, be fair, be clear, respect all people, no surprises, organized, make people realize that they have to adapt and be comfortable with faster constant change, constant monitoring and tracking of progress, acquiring the right leaders, etc

Thank you to the continuous support and sponsorship of BJ Mannyst™  + Founders Under 40™Group  + GTA SM BD.  

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