Saturday, July 9, 2016

For World Peace Let’s Give Ultron A Try - Founders Under 40™ Group

As I step out like many of you do to either to go get the bacon or simply to enjoy what life one can squeeze out of a day. Only to realize the cloud of hatred had sucked every ounce of air out of my lungs. The recurring theme of violence by civilians and authority figures has made it clear to me that we are living more and more in a time when few of us have intent on spreading: misinformation, violence, chaos, hate, hypocrisy, terror, supremacy or just bad judgment. And there are some of us so bored of our existence that we figure might as well start something terrifying regardless of the consequences. Almost like deciding to run with the bulls at Pamplona’s San Fermin festival and getting gored to death. For my sake and for the many who are just in a state of shock still, I wish to share this. We either become individually better by improving ourselves or we leave the fate of mankind to Ultron. So Instead of Trump, vote Ultron for president.

First, Ultron is a fictional character in the Marvel Avengers comic books. An artificial intelligent machine-character created by Iron Man to help achieve world peace. However, Ultron came to a new conclusion. Ultron believed for there to be world peace, humans would need to be annihilated and replaced with a superior life form. From the look of things in the news, it seems we might end of annihilating ourselves maybe by dividing ourselves.

I have learned through the Brexit event how easy you can divide people and create chaos among your nations men, women, and families. Learned how the elected few embraced fear so they can reopen old social wounds in society. Now, we have a divided EU, divided nations, divided cities, divided neighbors. I was neither for it or against it because I never knew enough. Short-term though, it looks like trying to hold on to the past but not realizing that absolutely no one can control change and innovation. If you miss a chance to evolve, you only breed anger.

If Ultron were real, this would be what he would say, “In the end, it’s just the same predictable humanity. And its “anti-this or that, anti-Islam, anti-Christianity, anti-Israel, anti-gay, anti-equality, anti-self driving cars, anti-genetically modified human, anti-skynet, anti-climate change, anti-blacks, anti-whites, anti-yellow, anti-sexy, anti-different, anti-too different, anti-change, anti-multicultural relationships, anti-fart, etc”... “You get the point”

The endless terrorist attacks. It is becoming a disturbing daily occurrence. If Ultron were real he would be giggling like a little girl. (P.S. everyone giggles). There was Istanbul, Baghdad, Dhaka, Orlando, Dallas, Medina and many others in less than a month apart. Over a dozen people were killed, hundreds were injured, and billions around the world were shocked.

I can desensitized somethings and some people like Kenya West or Donald Trump or Saturday Night Live but whats happening is just a “wait a minute moment for society.” Our prayers goes out to all the families even the families of the perpetrators. Because society creates its own demons so I would think we would take full blame.

Taking blame or credit for a terror attack as if it were a Hollywood movie is just as chilling. But one can not help but wonder, why? Why would a group or individual proudly take credit for terror?  Is it because you feel highly marginalized? Is is because there’s cultural or ideology conflict? Is it because you feel threatened? Have you lost your identity? Are you not financially satisfied? Did someone hurt you?

I, Manny, am personally on the side of humanity and so is Founders Under 40™ Group. All the tribes, ethnics, religions, nations, politics, multinational corporations have had their chance to bring people together, enlighten people on common universal values and sadly we continue to relive the wars of kings and Pharaohs.

History has shown, many times, uprising occurs when a certain demographic of a nation challenges the norm if they: feel weak, are unable to be heard, pushed too far, are not benefiting from local prosperity, when elites fail to give back or neglect others.

I can go on about the tragic events in our world today or I can offer some helpful thoughts. Not from a I am more holy then thou but wisdom I picked up from other much wiser people so we don’t annihilate ourselves. Welcome to add to this or just comment. I & Founders Under 40™ Group also welcome the input and support of founders around the world.

The Seventeen Ways We Get Divided

  1. When most of us get educated differently there’s room for division
  2. When most us get treated unfairly there’s room for division
  3. When we accumulate and consume differently there’s room for division
  4. When we achieve differently there’s room for division
  5. When our values are different there’s room for division
  6. When you change and others don’t there’s room for division
  7. When a few are tigers and others are sheep there’s room for division
  8. When you are the cancer of hate and violence there’s room for division
  9. When the internet is your only source for education there’s room for division
  10. When there’s lack of trust there’s room for division
  11. When there’s suffering there’s room for division
  12. When greed and desires are not managed there’s room for division
  13. When ignorance and delusions are not eradicated there’s room for division
  14. When you have unhealthy attachment to things there’s room for division
  15. When you have a sense of entitlement there’s room for division
  16. When your job makes you do unethical things there’s room for division
  17. When you are compassionate there’s no room for division

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