Friday, December 9, 2016

Get Your Red Crab Ass Off Christmas Island - Part 1



“When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other.”


Achieving greatness and your freedom means going against the crowd sometimes. In my previous life, I’was a Red Crab living on Christmas Island in Austraila living among other Red Crabs. Let’s say one hundred million of us Red Crabs. Life is not too exciting. Fighting off predators like the Coconut Crab and Ants.

We scramble across the forest floor for leaves, eat the occasional dead crab, and and try to stay moist…the most exciting time to look forward to is our migration to shore to go fuck our brains out, lay thousands of eggs, and return to our inland solitary burrows.  Our numbers and migration event are a human tourism attraction now. There’s no personal space, it’s pretty crowded but we all  seem to get along. At least until someone like Crump sparks chaos.

But the boring part is nothing within the red crab nature or community screams a break away from conformity. Everyone follows the same fucking instinctive rules. Most are naturally wired to give in to conformity easily like sheep. And I’m always looking for an outlet to occasionally break free from Christmas Island.

I don’t want to fucking keep up with the Jones! I don’t want to feel I have to belong to a tribe as if it was fucking Red Crab high school! I want to be like Elon Musk. I want to conform and rebel. I don’t want to hide my mistresses or be punished for having extracurricular activities. I don’t want to be told what I can and not I cannot do. I don’t want to stay loyal to a king crab because they’ve got me by the fucking balls!

If I want to wear a orange wedding dress to a business meeting, I should! If a female crab wants to be the sole bread winner, charm my crab shells off without the emasculation, I’m sure many male crabs would tolerate equality!!! I just don’t want to be fucking pressured to conform to the elite or working class, the cool kids or the nerds, the Christians or atheistic!!! The conservative or the liberals.

If not having an iPhone makes me appear less “status” like, then fine. If some days, I appear anti-social then I have the fucking right to brake away from this endless need to behave, be nice, always be conforming, told to go join a group at Crab Church for sake of sense of community when you don’t give a shit about an institution that doesn’t evolve. At the moment, I’m sure at least ten percent of the millions of red crabs are looking for ways to break free from Christmas island.

You sometimes wonder how difference is this crab scenario.

If you have ever watched series of nature documentary, you will come to realize how similar we are to other creatures. We are similar in our desires for food, sex, friendship, safety, shelter, water, family, acceptance, community, ambition, collaboration, individuality, etc. What’s also common is the daily pressure to conform to the majority or rebel against the majority.

Either path can make or break your chances of survival. However I have looked into this by using Red Crabs of Christmas Island to relate it to individuals, founders, entrepreneurs, businesses and leaders who need to play this dance.

The dance of knowing when it behooves you to run with the crowd and when it behooves you to break the fuck away from the nonsense. 

“It becomes clear that pressures to conform are a universal feature of culture but eventually culture can become more harmful than no culture”


From the very beginning of life, you are either taught how to navigate life or forced to learn on your own the constant natural rules. Like for example, a new born shark doesn’t instinctively start heading to land to start walking. A Red Crab knows that it needs moisture in it’s environment on land to be able to breath on land.

So here’s how it is simply in the human world. There’s an underlining message that you're not to think you are anything significant.  You are to sell yourself short because only certain groups can rise to elitism. You are told certain groups are not as smart. You are a woman that doesn’t belong in a man’s game. Because you are not this skin color you are not allowed to casually use the “N” word.

You are expected to know your place in the social hierarchy even when there’s no evidence that God gave physical advantages to one group and not others. In some cases that’s true. You are expected to behave this way and not this way? 

So some of you religious extremist are going to be shocked that mankind will invent a way people will be able to live for thousands of years and slow the aging process. Then what?? Parents will be able to alternate gender development mechanism in the fetus stage.

There something sad to see when people stayed a sheep all their lives when they can clearly be a lion harmless rebellion or extreme rebellion] for a day. Our world is changing, especially our cities demographic and rural values is changing really fast.

So your individual survival will depend on your ability to conform to Red Crab expectations on Christmas island. And your ability to achieve greatness will depend what you are willing to do yourself to break free.

The external forces of social, economic, and technological are unpleasant sometimes, and some people don’t like it because it gets in the way of enjoying a quality life. 

There’s culture within Italians, Christians, Muslims, hip-hop, country, urban, suburban, ethnicity, age, gender, elitism, disenfranchised, poor, rich, healthy, unhealthy, politicians, neighborhoods, nations,etc.

Some cultures will be in your face and others lurking in the shadows. Some will keep evolving and some will desperately fight the evolution.The purpose of cultures is to effectively maintain and propagate against future threats. It spreads like a virus if the benefit out way the cost.

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