Thursday, January 19, 2017

10 Ways To Eliminate The 99% - Manny_of_Founders Under 40™ Group Shares

The way we are going in the 21st century, there’s no room for the existence of the 99%. The 99% today, are as frail as a child and as dumb as nails. They should go fuck themselves.

These are the paraphrase words of one misinformed 1%. Whose name will be irrelevant to this document. The point of this publication is to reach out to the founders around the world and the many others who feel compelled to make sure everyone will always have a fair shot now and into the future.

My name is, “Manny” of Founders Under 40™ Group (@fu40group). This is my unique take on the future life of the 99% if I were in the 1 % gene-pool but “playing” a f%^&&^ asshole. For the sake of simplicity, lets assume I was the devil who had the business ruthlessness of John Rockefeller and good looks of a dog’s ass.

So where are the 99% going, you might ask? I will show you the future that business and social-innovation founders failed to consider (full eBook). As you read, please continue to imagine for a moment it is the year 2121, the world belongs to the 1% and I’m playing a f%^&&^ asshole.

The same categories of issues still exist: Jobs, Wealth, Upward Mobility, Health, Power, Inequality, Violence, Politics, Sexuality, Religion, Consumerism, God, etc  however all have taking a different form. However inequality was the most painful issue. During the late 21st century and early 22nd century, inequality had grown to a point of no return which eventually lead to the annihilation of 99% of the world’s humans.

How,You might ask? It is simply that few were able to reach the stars without the limits. The 99%, were slowly left to go extinct because they could not afford to compete or evolve fast enough to compete against the 1 %. Sort of like the gun powered world crushed the samurai sword world.

As I researched for this publication, I discovered an ancient company named Apple. It was a company that generated $1 Trillion Dollars in revenue from its iOS products. And other ancient companies like Amazon & Google did the same. All thanks to sophisticated consumers willing to shale out $1000 Dollars for an iPhone.

I also discovered a picture of an ancient celebrity woman, Mrs. Kim K West, whose ass made her a god in the 21st century. Plus an article that also suggested she once wore a necklace worth $15 Million. But with a gun to her head, $15 Million dollars was stolen from her neck in France. She lived. Her lavish lifestyle and personality required her to show how f#%6@& well off she was compare to the rest of the population. FYI, She was so beautiful that we made her ass size the standard for all our sex robots.

The wealthy really know how to live so If you want to know what the world looks like in 2121 without the 99%, either pick up the free ebook or simply continue reading. Don’t forget the point of all this is to start thinking about how do we make social-economic systems work for everyone not just the 1%.

Plus, find out how I, the f$^&%*$ asshole, would crush you 99% cockroaches if I thought like a much more scary John Rockefeller. (P.S. Based on what I know,so far, John Rockefeller was a himself but when it came to business he was no gentleman)

Pick up my free eBook + World Bank: Taking On Inequality 2016 Report + WEF: The Inclusive Growth and Development Report 2017  + Oxfam Briefing Paper: An Economy For The 99% Report  AND share it and start a discussion with other founders (@fu40group) Bank: Taking On Inequality 2016 eBookWEF: The Inclusive Growth and Development Report 2017Pick up my free eBook



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