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How Being Surrounded By Greatness Helps Founders & Founders Under 40™ Group Become Like The New England Patriots

If your current relationships are not helping you achieve your founders dreams, then you need to make some adjustment. I have three questions for you before I encourage you to keep reading. One, have you made the choice to be great? Second, have you identify what it is that you’d be willing to sacrifice for greatness? Third, what are you willing to do to achieve greatness and a great impact in life?

If Tom Brady of the New England Patriots hadn’t strive to be the very best QB from his very first game, I’m sure many would not know his name today.  My point is, It always has to start with you and the environment you surround yourself with and never ending pursuit of perfection.

This new year everyone will desire to do better in their jobs and personal lives than they did last year. Founders will strive to make their organizations and themselves more significant. And I’m personally not different from my fellow founders.

Currently open membership, with Founders Under 40™ Group, is growing rapidly and our private community (upgrade) needs more great founders and leaders willing to work together to serve. We really strive for greatness and so surrounding ourselves with the very best with great values is crucial.

And below are some tips how being surrounded by greatness helps founders and Founders Under 40™ Group be the best:

“Although it is great to identify exactly the type of partner you wish to have, nothing will come true if you don’t become the type of person who would attract that kind of partner. It is especially true when you’re looking for a success-driven partner.” - Unknown Author


When you are around driven, passionate, universal valued, high standard, determined people, etc. It will not not matter whether they are extroverted or introverted, highly educated or not, tech savvy or not, talented or modest talented, natural leader or not, black or white, woman or men, straight or LGBTA, similar background or not, big company or small enterprise, etc

Only two thing matters, significance and your contribution.


Founders and successful people need love. Chances if they are successful they are trying to be around a woman / man who has his / her shit together. They are going to try to avoid certain dramas that might hinder their progress. There are some cases founders just want to have fun without the commitment so they might be a little indifferent.

A great life partner compliments you towards a common goal. Imagine if the president of the United States married a rude, selfish, bashful, inconsiderate, heartless, drug dealer, uneducated, lazy, etc life partner.


The thing about surrounding yourself with great people is they all want everyone to succeed. So they are going to suggest people to talk to, books to read, events to attend, clubs to hangout at, products or services to buy or avoid, who is really a gold digger, who is fake, etc. In most circles they have a healthy competition among themselves but are still looking out for each other.


Hanging out with multimillionaire with no moral compass is like having sex with a stone. It’s going to be fun for while till you start bleeding to death. You want great people who bring out the best in you however never let you drown in the dark when you stray into the deep end.

Successful founders take as long as they want to assess the nature of a potential friend, partner or organizations. And when they get it wrong they act quickly.


No matter what challenges you face in life or in your business venture, it’s always great to know you have people you can count on to have your back. Be there for others and if you selected the right people, they should be there for you.


We all have days we really don’t want to talk about our bad days at work or at home. Sometimes all we want is a great distraction like drinking at a night club. Taking your wife / girlfriend out for dinner and then making sweet fucking love in the hotel lobby with John Legend - Tonight (Best you ever had) music in the background.

Just having a place to reflect and re-focus your energy is very helpful. Another way to help you focus is to create a visualization board or a visual of you already achieving what you want.


There’s really no benefit to being all talk no action. When you have people to monitor your performance or remind you what you set out to achieve, will add additional fire. Who really wants to let their team mates, investors, wife, kids, parents, boss, followers, members, etc down?


The way to survive in any situation in work or in life is to never get too comfortable. Be a person that’s persistently trying to do something that challenges the norm without compromising universal values.

Be the person who will listen to bold ideas or unconventional innovations from anyway and from almost anyone.


It helps to have every person in your inner circle be a person that never stops growing. We live in times where your ability to adapt fast will be rewarded. You need people who face reality, dream and take action out of current reality.

Great people don’t see the impossible they see an opportunity.  Don’t take experts too seriously because their knowledge is most often based on what is not fresh thinking.


There are many stories of successful people who faced unimaginable adversity growing up and with grit created a better life. There are stories of founders who struggled to make payroll.

To the founders who dream of conquering the world, maybe it’s time to dream how you’d conquer a populated Mars.


We all can’t achieve greatness alone. We need the efforts and cooperation of others. Micheal Jordan could never win an NBA championship by himself. Wayne Gretzky could not win Stanley Cups without teammates.

Don’t be shy to reach out to others that could help you however always remember “What’s in it for them?”

Anyway that’s all I have for the moment. Please feel free to add to this. And also check out the quotes.

“We become like the people we associate with, and that's why winners are attracted to winners.” - Unknown Author

“Without the drive to be something better or improve your situation, you’ll end up stuck in the same spot for the remainder of life. Successful people find this as a major turn-off and will avoid people without ambition.” - Unknown Author

“The truth is, if you don’t respect money, it’s very unlikely you’ll ever stay in a long relationship with someone who has money, much less have money for yourself.” - Unknown Author

“Taking a calculated risk and attempting to better yourself is a good, attractive quality. It shows confidence and the will to try and better yourself. Sitting at home on a couch with a bag of nacho chips shows quite the opposite. If you don’t take risks, you’ll never advance anywhere in life.” - Unknown Author

“…that there are three basic areas of life that people really care about: money, relationships and health. I would add a fourth, which is spirituality/purpose/meaning. So there are four areas that people care about a lot. In my experience, no one has all four of those areas handled exactly the way they want. Often people are very successful financially, but their relationships are a mess, or their health is a mess. They may have one or two of those areas handled, but rarely all four.” - Unknown Author

“However, let’s be very clear on this: when you’re networking, you are NOT trying to sell that person on something. You have to make a decision, like a switch in your head. Either this is someone who is a sales prospect for your business, or this is someone your want to connect with in your network. And you have to keep a firewall between those two things.”- Unknown Author

“...passively making yourself available to add value, versus proactively seeking out how they need value. What I’ve gotten really good at, and what I just shared with you, are gentle ways to inquire about how people might need help. Specifically, to inquire in a realm in which you can offer help. Proactively, gently, start inquiring about what’s going on in a person’s life, and how you might be able to add value. What I propose to you is that if you go around practicing adding value regularly in this way with everyone (not just rich, famous people).” - Unknown Author

“There is a beauty of having old friends that I will not deny, but history alone is not enough to bring an old friendship into the present, and subsequently, the future. The people you surround yourself with, you become. We are all energy. If you subject yourself to peers who are negative, insecure or destructive, it will affect you. Regardless of your strength as an individual, you are not immune to a constant surrounding of negative energy or bad influence.” - Unknown Author

“Choose your company wisely. Be relentless with surrounding yourself with those who bring out the best in you. Your direction in life depends on it. And while you’re at it, have the courage to be a good friend to those who choose you.” - Unknown Author

“There are some great players that are on bad teams that don’t get noticed,” Coach Madden said. “And there are probably some great coaches who don’t have great players who don’t get noticed.”- John Madden

“It is common to hear athletes say that their team is their family, especially those who are successful. Why is that? They have learned to work together both on and off the field because it is essential to being great.” - Unknown Author

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