Thursday, October 26, 2017

Don’t Want To Cater To Women Founders Just Because They Have A Pussy - Founders Under 40™ Group Shares

With the growing women empowerment movement picking up speed, some men are unsure what to do. Some men are forced to adapt faster just to please women and the diversity authorities. And some men are desperately trying to put the breaks on it because it threatens their power. In all honesty trying to satisfy everyone in the gender, race, religion, age, views is challenging.

As a community coordinator overseeing a very inclusive/exclusive 10,000+ unconventional founders community, I personally have been hammered with endless women founders focused articles, accelerators, vc funds, community groups, tech schools, etc that I will admit there’s pressure to focus Founders Under 40™ Group effort to specifically appeal to women founders. My thought is, if customers don’t give a fuck if a restaurant owner pees standing or sitting, then mine & Founders Under 40™ Group focus are to serve and respect people of most background.

I & Founder Under 40™ Group cater to women as founders not women founders. Are we great at it? We try. Who in the world wants to go into a bank and find out because you’re a woman the bank is going to send an army of experts to educate you about finance and wash your feet. I think most Founders just want fairness and transparency. Involuntary and voluntary segregation of founders is dangerous to society but in some cases it’s mandatory.

I’m not devaluing the role of women founders focused institutions and events. I think some women should join those entities that exclusively focus on just women founders or their sub-entity just for women like Peter Tiel’s “Female Founders Fund” or “Forbes Women Summit” or Y Commbinators’ “Female Founders Conference”, etc because it could help build confidence and gain support however the reality is you still have to deal with the real world. And the real world is women with different values and priorities, men with different values and priorities, different ethnic groups with different perspective.

There are obviously some business environment that need a woman’s touch to properly serve women. Is Founders Under 40™ Group one? Maybe.

I & Founders Under 40™ Group welcomes women who happen to be Founders and get what we are trying to achieve. We welcome your input and contribution.  The following were tips we received from women:

  • Workplace safety for all
  • Seek input from diverse groups prior to executing content / initiative if possible
  • Provide support equally as much as possible
  • Show them networks and growth opportunities
  • Understand the barriers holding people back
  • Have someone similar to them on your team
  • Help them establish a friendly, and female-led business ecosystem or any constructive groups
  • Fostering a culture that embraces failure
  • Always be listening and engaging

***We Welcome Founders Who Happen To Be Women To JOIN Founders Under 40 Group via FaceBook or LinkedIn or Our Private Community Today.

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