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SMB Marketing Services General Information Package - Better Decision


As we were going about our online day, we discovered that many small businesses, medium businesses, financial service, professional business services, SaaS, real estate, construction, retail, services, hospitality, software, venture capital, IT,information technology, ecommerce, and startups were unaware of some critical information about marketing, digital marketing, and our services. Just to inform and educate a little further, we shared our SMB Marketing Service General Information Package. 
Love serving, problem solving, innovating, quality work, helping businesses standout, while creating a lasting positive impact for their organization.

In times of uncertainty and constant change, we all can use all the assistance we can get. Please email us once you have relevant questions.

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*Benefits of Outside Marketing Service Provider Over In-House Marketers*

l You don’t have to pay a marketer’s full-time salary

l You get a lot more than just marketing expertise for one fee.

l You gain access to the latest technology, tools and approach

l You maintain efficiency and effectiveness with your existing staff

l You don’t need to train outsiders entirely

l You can easily scale up your marketing efforts

l You keep up with the latest marketing trends, without a huge learning curve

l You benefit from an outside perspective

*If Any of These Apply to You, Then Reach Out*

l Your sales are stagnant

l You’re not seeing effectiveness

l You don’t enjoy marketing or keeping up with it

l You could use an extra hand or two

l You don’t have good, qualified leads

l Your marketing results are a hit or miss

l You don’t have the time and patience

l You don’t have the budget to hire the marketing team you really need

*10 Reasons For B2B / B2C Digital Marketing*

l Digital marketing is the most powerful form of marketing

l Using digital marketing tactics is the most cost-effective way to market your business

l Digital marketing is the most measurable form of marketing

l Target your ideal buyers better

l Most people are starting their buyer’s journey online (Likely through search engines)

l Your prospects are on social media, apps, and platforms

l With SEO and local SEO you can reach more qualified buyers online

l Digital marketing helps you connect with mobile customers which used more than desktop

l You can easily and quickly adapt your strategy and tactics in real time

l You can compete almost on same playing field


*Benefits of Digital Marketing*

l Increase website traffic, leads, conversions and revenue

l Develop cost-effective campaigns with a low cost-per-lead (CPL)

l Reach consumers at all stages of the buy cycle, from discovery to sell

l Expand into new local and global markets

l Target specific audiences for increased engagement

l Access real-time data to measure and track return on investment (ROI)

*Types of Digital Marketing*

l Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

l Content Marketing

l Social Media Marketing

l Pay Per Click (PPC)

l Affiliate Marketing

l Native Advertising

l Marketing Automation

l Email Marketing

l Online PR

l Inbound Marketing

l Sponsored Content

*How to Do Digital Marketing*

l Define your goals.

l Identify your target audience.

l Establish a budget for each digital channel.

l Strike a good balance between paid and free digital strategies.

l Create engaging content.

l Optimize your digital assets for mobile.

l Conduct keyword research.

l Iterate based off the analytics you measure.

*Benefits of Social Media*

l Discover which social media platforms will suit your brand best, and which to invest in

l Create dynamic creative content like videos and photos that will tell your brand’s story

l Connect with influencers who have built high levels of trust and authenticity with their audiences to help promote your brand

l Handle customer outreach, both positive and negative, helping you guide your brand’s narrative

l Develop and maintain a brand voice that is specific to you, and carry that across all platforms

l Collaborate with your digital team to create paid social ads that will not only make a splash, but can be measured by effectiveness and impact


*Benefits To a Good Marketing Plan & Audit*

l Create better goals

l Improve your focus

l Stay consistent

*A Good Marketing Plan Parts*

l Executive Summary

l Mission statement

l Market Analysis (e.g. SWOT)

l Competitor Analysis

l Target market & buyer personas

l Marketing objectives and KPIs

l Pricing strategy

l Growth strategy

l Marketing channels

l The Budget / The Finance

***We also provide quick and in-depth marketing plan creation & design services / marketing audit. Visit our website:

*“If you and your organization are already digital marketing native and reaching some of your targets then all you’ll need is to seek areas that could improve. Consider a marketing audit ASAP.”* - BJ Mannyst Team

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