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How To Get More From Your Current Sales & Marketing - OVER 30+ TIPS & IDEAS

 ***How To Get More From Your Current Sales & Marketing - This will be an ongoing series where we'd be sharing as much as possible to assist your B2B / B2C in maximizing your sales & marketing effort in 2021 and so on. We'd recommend you check out the rest on our Instagram pages because the rest will be visuals. ***


Hello guys, clearly we can tell you are doing everything in your power to make things happen for your business and yourself during these uncertain times. The content here is meant for founders, GreatestFounders™ members / Founders Under 40™ Group members or anyone wanting to squeeze a little more drop from what they’re currently doing in terms of sales & marketing. 

Some insights will be a easy DIY and some may require more sales & digital marketing management from marketing service providers like BJ Mannyst team (sponsor).  


Maximize  SEO Search Engine Optimization

SEO is still so critical in a text search first world so it becomes crucial to regularly improve your SEO or optimize your current initiative. In some cases you can do it yourself however if you’re not too sure or don’t have the time then consider finding someone.

Maximize  Paid Advertising & Sponsorship

There’s just more competition, more content so it becomes crucial to find ways to standout. One way to do that is to pay-to-play. Honestly, just being one of many thousands chasing the same prospects makes for a tough way to make a living.

Maximize Website UX & Expedite Qualifying

Most of your front facing informational channel need to continuously be the best it can be. So reduce unnecessary material and just make it clear what problems you solve immediately. Also showing proof of work helps. Cause the sooner the prospect knows if you are the one the better it is for you.




Maximize  Finding Relevant Connections

The fact is if you want to attract a certain contact / prospect then you have to be just as attractive. You have to get better at your skills and at building relationships for the long term especially with multiple stakeholders. Whats the difference between a real estate agent that sells US$5Million homes and the US$250,000 homes?


Maximize  Repurposed or Updated Content

Sure you can invest in more new content however stop and ask yourself, “have you fully utilize, fully repurposed your past content?”. Be selective of your topics, the benefits, relevancy, insights, etc. Will it strengthen your credibility and your online brand? Can you convert to high quality videos, blogs, ebooks, infographs, instagram posts, audio content, etc. Remember you don’t have to cater to everybody. Some people want BMW, Tesla and some are happy with a working Honda.

Maximize  Understanding Needs then Create Sexy Offers

In a world of so much noise having better copy-writing can really be helpful. It does get boring if your messages or tone or images seems too similar to others. One thing is to try to walk in your prospects shoes and try to meet their needs. Got to find a big profitable pain and make an enticing offer. Free trials and test drive works.

Maximize  Leveraging What You Already Have

Why go chasing cold strangers when your customers, employees, wife, husband, friends know warm strangers? Get what you want by leveraging your good relationships. Plus you will close faster than someone who barely knows you or your business.

Maximize by Concentrating Messaging to Those Who Want & Need You

Some people are just not that into you. To endlessly email for years without checking in to see if they appreciate your email is just a time waster. Make sure it’s relevant. The better you can fine-tune your targeting and delivery the better it’s for business.

Maximize Using Strategic Marketing Analyst and / or Business Analyst

My dear friends and business operators you don’t know everything. And you can’t see everything. So get as much help as you can get. Getting a Business Analyst / Researcher /Business Auditor/ Marketing Consultant is a good to have. Just having someone think through ideas is better.

Maximize Working With Content Marketing Experts

Content marketing is just not about creating bunch of content and hoping for the right outcome. It’s knowing what, who, how, when, why and analytics and SEO and distribution and metrics. Find creators that also get the sales & marketing part if possible. 


Maximize Using Social Media Management

There’s a whole lot to Social Media Management for business that you may not pickup from your personal Social Media Management. And that is, it’s not all fun and games. It shapes perceptions and could determine who you attract.

Maximize AI, ML. and Analytics to Reduce Waste

Machine learning, analytics, artificial intelligence technology is very useful in marketing if you use it correctly. They are tools just like a calculator. It helps to put in the right ingredients however weighing the output carefully. Plus it helps with recommendations and enhancing ability to manage resources which leads to more profit.

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