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Tips To Consider When Rebooting Your Services - BJ Mannyst Sponsored


We all have moments in our lives where we get that opportunity to clean up, reboot, re-calibrate our life and business. We figure now during the slow-yet-cautious decline of covid19 we will reinvent our business. The below tips are somethings to think about. As always if you are in need of marketing audits, marketing boost, business analyst, or reaching founders give us a shout. 

Develop Better Project Management / Account Management

In most jobs there has to be someone or a group that coordinates everything. A person that is accountable for making sure the expected deliverables are delivered to spec and are satisfactory. Also is the importance of improving relationships. So basically means invest in PM skills.

Retool Your Service Offering

It is important to keep making sure to properly-clearly define your services or products. Define your deliverables, your compelling value proposition, etc. Also realize that some prospects might want something basic and some might want something more complex. Make a habit to retool offering at a set time.

Understand & Implement Service Client 360

It is becoming more crucial and important to have a real-time good sense of prospects, customers at all time. A sense on their preferences, dislikes, behaviors, perceptions. A method to look to the past , present and anticipate their future wants. Do analysis of data. Know what consistency looks like.

Know The Service Expectation

In whatever business you are in people usually have reference for expectation from their transactions. People expect restaurants to be clean places to eat. People expect their cars will get fix and not have the same problem. So it is to your benefit to know what that expectations are and do everything you can to meet the industry standard or exceed it. 

Know Your Data Sources

There are many forms of data and many data sources. Many more data sources are also coming so your organization would need to learn to incorporate and protect data in a 24/7 world. Data management and analytics strategy will become more crucial. The ease of scaling and high level security of the data will be in greater demand.

Know The Goals

The fact remains that every business is always trying to acquire new customers, expand existing relationships, and / or drive loyalty and customer retention.  So when catering to any B2B prospect keep that in mind

Create A Good Delivery Method

After a few clients and sales, it’s important to have a good standard process in place. It is also important to build something that’s efficient and effective that can be uphold day in and day out.  Leave room for updates and changes.  

Versatility In Workers

It’s important for some roles to be filled by good generalist and some to be filled by good specialist. In this highly competitive world been able to maximize utilization of resources will continue to be crucial. Proper use of titles and levels is also important.

Keep Trying To Get Feedback

It’s important to develop as many quality ways to get feedback. Gain invaluable insights  how your customers truelly feel about your business. Spot pain points in your operation. 

There’s Global Talent & Talent Challenges

Where there’s a need for talent.There’s always the need to address global mobility and complexity, risk, disruption associated with it. Faced with “regulatory, tax, and compliance issues that are inherent in multinational workforce [remote workforce], with many managing compliance, data and country-by-country reporting regulations…”  It's get a little complicated so don't be afraid to get help.

Centralize Data Management

This would need to be well thought out. Centralizing your data may make business operation easy however can also make for a easy target. So maybe some level of flexibility needs to be incorporated with no lags. Scalable infrastructure, incorporate  emerging technology, preparing for flexible work environment.

Keep Checking For Product-Market Fit

“Product-market fit describes a stage when a company serves the right product that satisfies a market need. It’s the initial step to building a successful business at which the company achieves exponential interest in their product(s).” - Source Unknown

But how do we know if these ideas are what the market needs? And would they be willing to pay for these ideas as solutions to their challenges?

Any product-market fit must have like the following indicators of: 

customer engagement, user inquiries, low-acquisition cost, repeat business, need to grow staff, revenue growth, found real validated fit before raising fund, packaging fit, pricing fit, business model fit, timing fit, not all markets are the same, do others recommend you, do people care if you’re operating tomorrow or not, whats your churn and user retention rate?,

Keep Staying Innovative During Times of Uncertainty

“When confronted with it, most people seek the one thing we won't be able to have for a while: certainty.” - Source Unknown. Keep the following Cs as you proceed during times of uncertainty. Communication, Cooperation, Compromise, Creativity and Compassion

Create The Right Stories For Your Business

To breakout of the crowded global market there’s growing demand for stories. Stories that emphasize the brand to have an authentic story. A capturing story that really resonates with your b2C / B2B customers . Tell them about the problems and your solutions and why you are the organization to address it. Tell them about your journey, tell them about your workers, your culture, etc

Know Your KPI and Unit Economics

There’s nothing worst in business than spending money and talent on initiatives without ways to keep track of whats working and whats just waste. Unit economics is also one that involves knowing unit fixed cost, unit variable cost, unit profit, etc.

Assess and Handle Negatives

Business is never all fun, jokes, pleasures. . .some times there will be negativity. In negativity could be gold.  Every external feedback and concern should be taking seriously while being responsible in best approach to address it. If you’re getting more positive feedback, then fuel positivity and while addressing the negative.

Learn To Separate Emotion

There are times in business when emotions helps and there are times it can make you do stupid things that end up impacting you. So any decision or action always make sure to have cooled head before acting. Also talk to as many trusted friends, family, co-workers, etc

Breakdown Important Goals

There’s only so much time, money, resources available and it has to used. Either it’s wasted, idled, used wisely. So as you're rebooting your services or cranking up productivity prepare for what matters. If technological improvements matter then invest in it. If people matter, then develop your people. if community matters, then get more involve. Inform, inspire, encourage, build trust, embrace diversity, adopt new values



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