Friday, March 25, 2011

What do People with Power Fear?

People with power fear people with power however some are never deterred from fighting if it warrants it. Think about it, would a pack of wolves go chasing a group of deer at once or try to isolate one? Would USA have invaded Iraq if it had the same military power? Microsoft doesn’t go head to head with Apple because every fight with an equally matched opponent can cost both parties.

Many of you might say, “Manny, everyone knows this.” However, I would say it’s always something to think about frequently and it’s something to think about when it comes to ones life because our world is base on that simple premise.

I have been observing how Donald Trump, not his Daughter, in “Celebrity Apprentice” and other celebrities interact with each other. Watching how Police Officers and Judges engage the vulnerable and the well-off. In the Apprentice, everyone has some form of strength in a particular area. Star Jones commands power with her presence, organizational skills, communication skills, connections, attitude, and determination to crush her opponents. But it’s always individuals who can’t match her that are thrown out the door. Gary manages to use his creativity to imagine ideas but his lack of focus and leadership skills makes him an easy target. Remember who were the first two to get fired on The Apprentice?

Some officers, politicians, celebrities, c.e.o’s or judges assert some form of unfair leverage to achieve their own agenda with no regard to fairness. Their position or access to resources enables the utilization of power over others and a deliberate declaration of superiority in the presence of those who appear inferior.

Take away anyone’s means of power and they are merely as frail as a roach. It’s just something to think about, do you want power or don’t you? Do you want to use your power for a greater good or exploit others while pretending to have their best interest in mind?

Who am I to judge? I know some people who work and play in a cruel and cold world that learn to practice the craft of survival tactics only to give back to society in tremendous ways. Their methods are their choice and eventually will either have to answer to their family, peers, the law or a greater power.

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